Seats Available

Seats Available

Updated: Jul 28, 2020*

(Attention International Applicants: Seat availability may differ for International applicants as well as certain programs may not be available. Please refer to the International Seats Available page or contact for details.)

Available Seats

Accounting and Payroll AdministrationWoodstockSep 2020
Accounting and Payroll AdministrationMonctonJan 2021
Administrative ProfessionalFredericton, MonctonSep 2020
Administrative ProfessionalSaint JohnJan 2021
Administrative Professional: ExecutiveSaint JohnJan 2021
Administrative Professional: Health ServicesMonctonSep 2020
Automotive Service TechnicianSaint JohnSep 2020
Automotive TechnologyMonctonSep 2020
BricklayingWoodstockJan 2021
Building Engineering Technology: Building SystemsFrederictonSep 2020
Building Engineering Technology: Construction ManagementMonctonSep 2020
Business Administration: Financial ManagementMoncton, Saint JohnSep 2020
Business Administration: Insurance and Risk ManagementMonctonSep 2020
Business Administration: ManagementMiramichi, Moncton, St. Andrews, WoodstockSep 2020
Business Administration: MarketingMonctonSep 2020
CarpentryMiramichi, WoodstockSep 2020
Chemical Technology (Co-op)Saint JohnSep 2020
Civil Engineering Technology: Highway and MunicipalMonctonSep 2020
Civil TechnicianMonctonJan 2021
CNC MachiningMonctonSep 2020
CookMonctonSep 2020
Criminal Justice: CorrectionsMiramichiSep 2020
Culinary Arts ManagementMonctonSep 2020
Early Childhood EducationMiramichi, Moncton, Saint John, WoodstockSep 2020
Early Childhood Education: Advocacy, Leadership and ManagementSaint JohnSep 2020
Electrical Engineering TechnologyMoncton, Saint JohnSep 2020
Electrical: IndustrialSt. AndrewsSep 2020
Electronics Engineering TechnologyMonctonSep 2020
Environmental TechnologyMiramichiSep 2020
Hotel and Restaurant ManagementMonctonSep 2020
Human Resources ManagementMoncton, Saint JohnSep 2020
Human ServicesMiramichi, St. AndrewsSep 2020
HVAC: Sheet Metal FabricationMonctonSep 2020
Information Technology: Business AnalysisMonctonSep 2020
Information Technology: CybersecuritySaint JohnSep 2020
Information Technology: Electronic Game DevelopmentMiramichiSep 2020
Information Technology: Gaming Experience DevelopmentMonctonSep 2020
Information Technology: Network AdministrationWoodstockSep 2020
Information Technology: Network SupportMoncton, St. AndrewsSep 2020
Information Technology: Quality Assurance TestingMonctonSep 2020
Information Technology: Web and Mobile Application DevelopmentMonctonSep 2020
International Business ManagementSaint JohnSep 2020
MachinistMoncton, Saint JohnSep 2020
Mechanical Engineering TechnologySaint JohnSep 2020
Motorcycle RepairMonctonSep 2020
Personal Support Worker - Acute CareSt. Andrews, WoodstockSep 2020
PlumbingWoodstockSep 2020
Truck and Transport Service TechnicianWoodstockSep 2020
Welding and Metal FabricationMiramichi, WoodstockSep 2020
Welding TechnologyMonctonSep 2020

Waitlisted Programs (Less than 15 applicants on waitlist)

Accounting and Payroll AdministrationMiramichiSep 2020
Administrative ProfessionalSaint JohnSep 2020
Administrative Professional: ExecutiveSaint JohnSep 2020
Administrative Professional: Health ServicesFrederictonSep 2020
Agricultural Equipment RepairMonctonSep 2020
Animation and GraphicsMiramichiSep 2020
Auto Body and Collision TechnicianSaint JohnSep 2020
Automotive Service TechnicianMonctonSep 2020
Automotive TechnologySaint John (year 1 only)Sep 2020
Building Engineering Technology: ArchitecturalMonctonSep 2020
Business Administration: AccountingFredericton, Moncton, Saint JohnSep 2020
Business Administration: MarketingFredericton, Saint JohnSep 2020
Criminal Justice: Police FoundationsMiramichiSep 2020
Electrical: ConstructionMiramichi, Saint John, WoodstockSep 2020
Graphic and Communications DesignMonctonSep 2020
Heavy Equipment Service TechnicianMiramichiSep 2020
Human ServicesWoodstockSep 2020
Information Technology: Business AnalysisFrederictonSep 2020
Information Technology: Network AdministrationMoncton, St. AndrewsSep 2020
Marine Diesel MechanicsSt. AndrewsSep 2020
Mechanical TechnicianSaint JohnSep 2020
Personal Support Worker: Acute CareMiramichi, MonctonSep 2020
PlumbingSaint JohnSep 2020
Practical NurseSt. Andrews, Woodstock Jan 2021
Process Control TechnicianSaint JohnSep 2020
Steel FabricationMonctonSep 2020
Truck and Transport Service TechnicianMonctonSep 2020
WeldingMoncton, Saint JohnSep 2020

* Seat availability is updated weekly. Programs with more than 15 applicants on the waitlist are not published. Depending on the volume of applications received between reports, programs with open seats may be full. Please note that NBCC allocates seats to Indigenous, Special Admission and Out-of-Province applicants in many programs and these seats may still be available even if a program is shown as being waitlisted. Contact the College Admissions Service for up-to-date seat availability.

We are still accepting applications to waitlisted programs. There is usually a lot of movement on waitlists, especially over the summer when students finalize their plans. Waitlisted applicants who are not offered a seat will automatically be transferred to next academic year for the same program/location.

Seat availability may differ for International applicants as well as certain programs may not be available. Please refer to the International Seats Available page or contact for details.

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