Get Started

A number of online services are available to students at NBCC. In order to access these services you must first activate your IT account. You will need:

  • Student ID
  • Date of Birth
  • Email Address (the address that NBCC will use to communicate with you)

Activating Your NBCC Account

During the activation process, you will be asked to register for Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA). You can register with your cellphone or with a software (OTP Manager) on your Windows 10 computer.

Follow these instructions to set up a second method of authentication.

If you are an active student or have recently been enrolled in other courses or programs, your account may still be active. It is possible to reset your password if it has been forgotten.

Once you have an active IT account, take a minute to ensure you can access Student Self-Service where you can:

  • view and/or edit your personal, academic and financial information
  • connect to our online credit payment option
  • confirm or decline a program offering

Please be advised that some information may not be visible until closer to class start.

If you have any difficulty activating your IT account or accessing Student Self-Service please: