Programs Open for Application

Updated Sep 23, 2022

Note: This list is updated regularly. Depending on the volume of applications received between reports, programs on the list may be full. Application might be waitlisted.

The Programs Open for Application list below provides a list of campus-specific programs still accepting international applications.  Campus-specific programs no longer accepting applications will not be available on the list.

This list of programs open for applications is specifically for international applicants. Canadian applicants should refer to NBCC Seats Available.

Winter 2023

Electrical and Electronics Engineering TechnicianMoncton, Saint JohnJan 2023

Spring 2023

Information Technology: Data AnalyticsOnlineApr 2023

Fall 2023

Administrative ProfessionalMiramichiSep 2023
Administrative Professional: Health ServicesMiramichiSep 2023
Agricultural Equipment RepairMonctonSep 2023
Animation and GraphicsMiramichiSep 2023
Applied Energy ManagementSaint JohnSep 2023
Applied Manufacturing MethodsSaint JohnSep 2023
Auto Body and Collision TechnicianSaint JohnSep 2023
Automotive Service TechnicianMoncton, Saint JohnSep 2023
Automotive TechnologySaint JohnSep 2023
Building Engineering TechnologyFredericton, MonctonSep 2023
CarpentryMiramichi, Saint John, St. Andrews, WoodstockSep 2023
Chemical Technology (Optional Co-op)Saint JohnSep 2023
Civil Engineering TechnologyMonctonSep 2023
Client Service and SalesSaint JohnSep 2023
CNC MachiningMonctonSep 2023
CookMonctonSep 2023
Electrical: ConstructionMiramichi, Saint John, St. Andrews, WoodstockSep 2023
Electrical: IndustrialSt. AndrewsSep 2023
Electrical Engineering TechnologyMoncton, Saint JohnSep 2023
Electronics Engineering TechnologyMoncton, Saint JohnSep 2023
HVAC: Sheet Metal FabricationMonctonSep 2023
Industrial Control Technology (Optional Co-op)Saint JohnSep 2023
Industrial MechanicsMiramichi, Saint JohnSep 2023
Information Technology: Game DevelopmentMiramichiSep 2023
Justice Studies: CorrectionsMiramichi, Saint JohnSep 2023
Justice Studies: Police FoundationsSaint JohnSep 2023
MachinistMoncton, Saint JohnSep 2023
Marine Diesel MechanicsSt. AndrewsSep 2023
Mechanical Engineering TechnologySaint JohnSep 2023
Mechanical Technician (Optional Co-op)Saint JohnSep 2023
Metal FabricationMoncton, Saint JohnSep 2023
Motorcycle RepairMonctonSep 2023
PlumbingSaint John, WoodstockSep 2023
Process Control TechnicianSaint JohnSep 2023
Refrigeration and Air Conditioning TechnicianSt. AndrewsSep 2023
Skilled Trades TechniquesSt. Andrews, WoodstockSep 2023
Steamfitting/PipefittingSaint JohnSep 2023
Truck and Transport Service TechnicianMoncton, WoodstockSep 2023
WeldingMoncton, Saint John, St. AndrewsSep 2023
Welding and Metal FabricationMiramichi, WoodstockSep 2023
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