Part-Time Tuition & Fees (2022-23)

Tuition & Supplementary International Fees *

All amounts in Canadian dollars
 Domestic StudentInternational Student
Rate per Week (Theory), Spring Term$112.00$315.00
Per Course Credit$169.00$473.00​​
Per Course (0 Credit)$169.00$473.00​​
Course Audit Per Course Credit$85​.00$237​​.00​​
​Course Audit Per Course (0 Credit)$85​.00$237.00​​
Academic Upgrading (pdf) charged at normal rates (above)
Co-op Program (Traditional)More info (pdf)
​Co-op Program per Week (Theory)$112​.00$315​​.00
​Co-op Program per Week (Work Term or Practicum)$56​.00​$158.00

Mandatory Student Fees *

All amounts in Canadian dollars
 Domestic StudentInternational Student
Student Union Fees (non-refundable)More info (pdf)
Rate per Week (Theory), Spring Term$4​​.00$4​​.00​​
Per Course Credit$6​​​.00$​6​​.00​​
Per Course (0 Credit)$6.00$​6​​.00​​
​HealthSee Full-Time
DentalSee Full-Time
​Technology & Learning Resource FeeMore info (pdf)
Rate per Week (Theory), Spring Term$​10​.00$​10​.00​​
Per Course Credit$​15​.00$​15​.00
Per Course (0 Credit)$​15​.00$​15​.00

* Important Notes

  • All Tuition & Fees are subject to change at any time.
  • Students retaking a course(s) may have additional charges applied to their account for the retake.
  • Part-Time Students are those enrolled in less than 60% of the standard Full-Time credit load for the relevant Program's term.
  • Weekly, Per Course or Per Credit charges may not exceed Full-Time tuition & fees for the courses included in that Program's term.
  • All Tuition & Fees are charged and refunded in accordance with New Brunswick Community College's Tuition and Other Student Fees policy (pdf).
  • This Tuition & Fees schedule applies to Regular Programs with a duration of 30 to 40 weeks. Standard weekly rate applies to all other Regular Programs.
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