Online Registration

It is mandatory to register prior to attending class. You will be sent an email prompting you to register prior to class commencement.  Follow all instructions in the “Time to Register” email.  IMPORTANT: failure to register in the given timeline may result in applicants being withdrawn from their program.

If you have not already done so, you will need to activate your IT account in order to access Student Self-Service and register online. Activating your IT account and Registering online are 2 separate functions you need to complete.  Look on your Student Self-Service page for the "To-Do" box to find the link to register online.

If you have an active IT account, it is possible to reset your password, if required.

Tip: Be sure to check your “Junk/Spam” email folder for communications from NBCC. If possible, mark NBCC email addresses as "Not Junk/Spam".

Please be advised that only students in a Full-Time Program must register online. All students must register when admitted to one of our full-time programs listed in the link above. 

If you have questions or concerns related to online registration, see below: