What Can I Expect

What Can I Expect?

Welcome to NBCC’s Student Information Hub! This is where you’ll find important information about program delivery, student services and support, and campus events. We encourage you to visit this page for important student information throughout the academic year.

NBCC is continuing to follow all New Brunswick Public Health Guidelines to ensure the safety of our learners, staff, and communities.

Past Issues of The Connection

The Connection is your newly-designed and revamped student update containing important information on student services and supports, upcoming events, information sessions, and more. Watch for the latest issue of this e-newsletter in your inbox every Friday!

Orientation and Onboarding

Are you new to NBCC? Visit our Orientation and Onboarding page for more information on Pre-Orientation, first day of classes, and more.

2023 NBCC Graduation

Are you graduating this year? Visit our graduation webpage for the latest grad information including ceremony dates, gown ordering, and more.

2022 – 2023 Academic Year

The 2022-2023 academic year will provide students with a vibrant campus experience and flexible learning options, with opportunities for both in-person and virtual learning.

Refer to NBCC’s Academic Calendar 2022-2023 (pdf) for all academic term start dates and other important dates throughout the year.

Program Delivery

Most programs at NBCC are delivered via a “blended” format. This means that some of your courses may be delivered in person at your designated campus, while other courses will be taught virtually using NBCC’s Learning Management System, Brightspace, and MS Teams.

Students can expect to be on campus between 60 and 80 per cent of the time (three to four days per week). Classes are typically held between 8:30 a.m. and 4:30 p.m. Some exceptions apply.

NBCC Course Delivery Options:

  • In-Person Learning – In-person course instruction on campus or at an alternate location. In-person learning may use technology such as Brightspace, laptops, digital textbooks, etc.
  • Blended Learning – Course instruction alternates between in-person and virtual learning.  Blended learning will use technology such as Brightspace or MS Teams. 
  • Hyflex Learning – Course instruction is available in person and virtually at the same time!  This option empowers students to choose how they want to learn on any given day throughout the course.  Hyflex Learning will use technology such as Brightspace and/or MS Teams to enhance both the virtual and classroom-based learning experience.
  • Virtual Learning – Course instruction is synchronous (live, scheduled sessions) and delivered virtually.
  • Online Learning – Course instruction is asynchronous (unscheduled, self-paced) and delivered fully online. 


Explore Student Services and Support

We are here to support you every step of the way. Check out some of the services you can access as an NBCC learner.

International Student Information

Visit NBCC’s International Student page for information on important dates and timelines, visas and immigration, webinars, and more.

International Students - Health & Dental

International students are included in the NBCCSU mandatory health & dental plan (pending eligibility). If you have proof of comparable extended coverage, you must apply to ‘opt out’ of the plan prior to NBCC’s deadline (refer to Academic Calendar (pdf) for dates). Charges will apply for those who miss the deadline; no exceptions will be considered.

All international students are also required to have valid international medical insurance while studying with NBCC and will be automatically enrolled in the Guard.me coverage plan during their first academic term of study each year.  

Things You Should Know

  • Brightspace Calendar: Curious about what’s happening across NBCC? Login to your Brightspace account and click on the "calendar button" located on the homepage. A list of upcoming events, initiatives, deadlines, and important dates is also available on the right-hand side of your Brightspace homepage.
  • NBCC Emergency Procedures (pdf): NBCC’s emergency procedures outline the College’s emergency response procedures in the unlikely event that a life-threatening incident occurs at one of our locations. Physical copies of emergency procedures are also posted in academic spaces and common areas across our seven locations.
  • Urgent Notification System: In cases where NBCC must quickly notify students of events such as campus closures or emergencies, we use the mass notification system Regroup. When classes commence and you are enrolled in all courses, login to Regroup using your assigned unique alphanumeric username and network login password to verify that your contact information is correct. It is important that we have up-to-date contact information for all active NBCC students.
  • Health and Dental Plan & Opt-Out Deadline: NBCC and the NBCC Student Union (NBCCSU) offer MANDATORY  health and dental coverage for students (pending eligibility). If you have proof of comparable extended coverage, you must apply to ‘opt out’ of the plan prior to NBCC’s deadline (refer to Academic Calendar (pdf) for dates). Charges will apply for those who miss the deadline; no exceptions will be considered. Please note: If you are a student who had previously opted out since 2013, and no longer have an alternate comparable Health & Dental Plan, it is your responsibility to reach out to the Student Benefits Office to opt back into the plans by the deadline date.

    In addition, this year, the plan includes mywellness, an award-winning student mental health and wellness program. Through myWellness you can access support resources, an anonymous mental health assessment, and a toolbox full of helpful solutions. This plan is mandatory for students in regular programs of 20 weeks or more, unless proof of alternate (equivalent) insurance coverage is provided. 
  • Tuition and fees: All tuition and fees are due by the first Friday after classes commence (refer to Academic Calendar (pdf) for dates). We recommend that you make all payments online; learn more about tuition and fee payment options on our website.

    Note: All fees paid beyond the deadline may be subject to late fees.
  • Government Student Loans: If you have not received your loan instalment by the third week of classes, contact your loan provider immediately. Please email financials@nbcc.ca if you expect further delays. Once NBCC receives and completes your confirmation of enrolment, the tuition/fees payment is sent directly to NBCC from your loan. Please don’t pay again if you are paying via student loan; it may take approximately 5-10 business days for this loan payment to be applied to your account.
  • Student Loan Resources: The government of New Brunswick publishes an information guide (pdf) on how to apply for a student loan within New Brunswick. Contact studentaid.gnb.ca (1-800-667-5626) for provincial student aid, and canlearn.ca or call toll free (1-888-815-4514) for federal student aid.
  • NBCCSU Events Calendar: The NBCCSU events calendar is available here. Check out what’s happening this month!