Need a place to live while studying with NBCC? The following is a list of suggested resources* to help students find the right place for you.

New Brunswick

NBCC Fredericton is located on the campus grounds of University of New Brunswick and Saint Thomas University. NBCC students are welcome to live in any of their residence locations which are within walking distance of our campus. For information & application:

  • Mount Saint Joseph, a former nursing home, has been transitioning to a multi-functional facility since 2019 and is now offers student housing options for full-time students. Mount Saint Joseph is located next to the NBCC Miramichi campus. For more information, visit: https://www.mountsj.ca/housing/
  • Rental Opportunities
Saint JohnCanada Homes for Rent


St. Andrews

St. Andrews Housing Listing (pdf)
Rental Opportunities


Woodstock Housing Listing (pdf)
Rental Opportunities



  • Start searching early! We advise students to examine the premises and thoroughly read lease or rental agreements. Understand your responsibilities and restrictions before making a final decision.
  • The Office of the Rentalsman provides important information and checklists for finding housing.
  • Keep a copy of all documents for your own records. If the landlord does not provide a lease, you can obtain a sample one from the Office of the Rentalsman.

*DISCLAIMER: NBCC is not responsible for any misrepresented, out-of-date or missing information. Housing availability and rental rates are subject to change. Please contact the landlord or contact person for verification.