Accessibility Services

Special Admissions

Special Admissions is a service that provides accessible education and training opportunities for applicants who have graduated from high school with modified outcomes. NBCC has a limited number of allocated seats under Special Admissions.

Steps to apply as a Special Admissions

5 things that may increase your chances of being accepted through Special Admissions

  1. Apply early
  2. Research the program of choice
  3. Have well-defined career goals
  4. Attend NBCC Student for a Day
  5. The New Brunswick Association For Community Living can assist applicants who have an Intellectual Disability with the planning and transition into NBCC Special Admissions

For more information, please contact

CampusCampus ContactPhoneEmail
FrederictonJody Beresford
(506) 444-2677
MiramichiDarlene Travers(506)
MonctonAmanda Bellefleur
Edna St.Croix
April Leet
(506) 856-2261
(506) 856-3269
(506) 869-6307
Saint JohnCara McEachnie(506)
St. AndrewsCara McEachnie(506)
WoodstockJody Beresford(506)


Special Admissions applications are assessed and processed from September 1st until the 3rd Friday in December.

Deadline for Special Admission applications is the 3rd Friday in December each year. Interviews will commence after the closing date.

Applicants will be contacted in February and interviews will be scheduled at that time.