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Our part-time courses provide another way for you to continue your learning journey. We offer a large selection of credit and non-credit courses that have been designed with flexibility in mind. Our courses cover a wide range of disciplines and interest to provide you with many options for furthering your career and personal growth.

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Course NameCampus
Abnormal Psychology (PSYC1071D)Online
Accounting I (GACG1050)Online
Accounting II (GACG1051)Online
Advanced Medical Surgical Nursing Concepts (NCSI1126A)Online
Advanced Positive Child Guidance (EDUE1126B)Online
Advocacy in Early Learning and Childcare (EDUE1129A)Online
Anatomy and Physiology (ANAT1024C)Online
Applied Writing Skills (COMM1155)Online
BLS/HCP CPR Refresher (SECU1323A)Miramichi
Beginning Medical Surgical Nursing Concepts (NCSI1122A)Online
Behavioural Interventions (EDUE1122A)Online
Biology 122 (BIOL1009)Online
Business & Financial Mathematics (MATH1087D)Online
Business Law (LEGL1055)Online
Business Math (MATH1084)Online
Business Writing (COMM1258B)Online
Calculus (MATH1160)Online
Caring for Seniors: Caring for a Person with Dementia (MENT1014A)Online
Caring for Seniors: Introduction to Caregiving (PERS1255A)Online
Chemistry 112 (CHEM1001)Online
Child Development: Preschool to Age Twelve (PSYC1033F)Online
Child Development: Conception to Age Two (PSYC1032F)Online
Children with Exceptionalities (EDUE1079)Online
Children’s Well-Being (EDUE1064G)Online
Creating a Learning Community (EDUE1127B)Online
Critical Reading and Persuasive Writing (COMM1175)Online
Cross Connection Control Certification Course (ICCI1036B)Moncton
Cross Connection Control Recertification Course (ICCI1092B)Moncton
Curriculum Development (EDUE1065I)Online
Diversity and Inclusiveness (EDUE1125A)Online
Early Learning and Childcare Administration (EDUE1128C)Online
Educational Assistant Practicum: Elementary School (EDUE1074G)Online
Educational Assistant Practicum: High School (EDUE1120B)Online
Educational Assistant Practicum: Middle School (EDUE1075G)Online
Electronic Records (RMGD1080C)Online
English 122 (LANG1048)Online
Essential Communication Skills (PERS1229C)Online
Ethical Practice and Radon Awareness for Real Estate/Pratique éthique et connaissance du radon par l (ETHI1057B)Online
Ethical and Legal Framework in Health Care (ETHI1058A)Online
Families and Diversity (SOCI1046A)Online
Field Placement and Seminar: Early Childhood Education (EDUE1115G)Online
Foundations of Home Care (HCSS1076A)Online
Foundations of Mathematics 110 (MATH1256)Online
Foundations of Pathophysiology (PATH1034)Online
French: Beginner I (LANG1410B)Online
French: Beginner II (LANG1411A)Online
Fundamentals of Web Design (MULT1083)Online
Guidance for School-Age Children and Adolescents (EDUE1081)Online
Guiding Children Positively (EDUE1058F)Online
Health Care in Canada (HCSS1038F)Online
Health Care in the Educational Environment (EDUE1083D)Online
Human Growth and Development (PSYC1037)Online
Inclusive Education (EDUE1059E)Online
Intermediate Medical Surgical Nursing Concepts (NCSI1124A)Online
Interpersonal Communication (PERS1065E)Online
Introduction to Basic Medical Terminology (TERM1035)Online
Introduction to Business Ethics (ETHI1059A)Online
Introduction to Financial Math (MATH1086)Online
Introduction to Nursing Profession (NCSI1121A)Online
Introduction to Pharmacology (PHMC1018)Online
Introduction to Programming (PROG1017G)Online
Introduction to Sociology (SOCI1044A)Online
Introduction to Spreadsheets (SAAL1219)Online
Introduction to a Career in Real Estate/Introduction à une carrière dans l'immobilier (ENTR1053C)Online
Leadership From Within (PERS1248B)Online
Leading Through Relationships (PERS1249A)Online
Literacies and Play (EDUE1124D)Online
Management (BMGE1025)Online
Managerial Statistics I (STAT1007)Online
Marketing Principles (MKTG1027)Online
Marketing Strategy (MKTG1028)Online
Maternal, Newborn and Pediatric Nursing Concepts (NCSI1130A)Online
Math Foundations (MATH1208D)Online
Math Fundamentals (MATH1089)Online
Matter, Heat, Light, Sound (PHYS1008)Online
Microsoft Dynamics 365 Fundamentals (ERP) (SAAL1834A)Online
Microsoft Dynamics 365 Fundamentals (ERP) Certification (SAAL1842A)Online
Newtonian Mechanics (PHYS1030C)Online
Observation and Documentation in Early Childhood Education (EDUE1121C)Online
Orientation to Community Service (PERS1228C)Online
Orientation to Early Childhood Education (EDUE1057G)Online
Orientation to Educational Assistant (EDUE1078G)Online
Outdoor Play and Nature (EDUE1130B)Online
PC and Office Fundamentals (SAAL1829A)Online
Pathophysiology for Practical Nurses (PATH1036C)Online
Patient-Focused Care (HCSS1040E)Online
Pesticide Applicator Aerial (Pilot) – Class A (PWLI1023A)Online
Pesticide Applicator Agriculture (Commercial) – Class B Level 1 (PWLI1021A)Online
Pesticide Applicator Agriculture (Private) – Class L1 (PWLI1018A)Online
Pesticide Applicator Forestry/Industrial Class C (PWLI1017A)Online
Pesticide Applicator Handling, Mixing and Loading – Class I (PWLI1020A)Online
Pesticide Applicator Landscape – Class D (Core and Landscape) (PWLI1014A)Online
Pesticide Applicator Mosquito Control - Class H (PWLI1016A)Online
Pesticide Applicator Structural – Class E (Core and Structural) (PWLI1015A)Online
Pesticide Applicator Vendor Storage – Class J (PWLI1019A)Online
Physics 112 (PHYS1001)Online
Planning for Literacy Rich Environments (EDUE1066I)Online
Pre-Calculus 110 (MATH1258)Online
Pre-Calculus Mathematics (MATH1157)Online
RIM Access, Security and Protection of Records (RMGD1100B)Online
RIM Framework (RMGD1099)Online
RIM Lifecycle Management (RMGD1071)Online
RPAS Flight Practice and Test Preparation (AERO1006A)Miramichi
Records Storage and Archives Management (RMGD1076)Online
Records Systems Design, Implementation, and Maintenance (RMGD1072C)Online
Remotely Piloted Aircraft Systems (RPAS) (AERO1007A)Miramichi
Specialty Areas Nursing Concepts (NCSI1129A)Online
Strategies for Seeking Employment (PERS1224C)Online
Strategies for the Inclusive Classroom (EDUE1082G)Online
Work Safely (SECU1221G)Online
Workplace Standard First Aid with Level C CPR and AED (SECU1148)Miramichi


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