Facility Rentals

Choose your local New Brunswick Community College (NBCC) Campus for your next event!

NBCC recognizes the importance of providing its facilities to community groups due to the value it offers in being a part of that community. NBCC will, where possible and within reason, provide facilities space for various groups, provided the space is not being used to offer for-profit education or training in direct competition with NBCC offerings.

We have full meeting spaces suitable for small to large groups.  During the academic year, we have a variety of catering options (where available) to suit a variety of appetites and budgets.

Parking is available at most locations on a first-come-first-served basis; however, a parking fee will be charged at the Fredericton campus.

Which rental is right for you?

All rooms are priced according to a full or half-day (4 hours or less) rental – we do not rent by the hour.

All requests are evaluated to determine if they are consistent with NBCC operating, rules including health & safety requirements, nature of the event, relationship with the organization, and availability of the requested space.  We will do our best, but there is no guarantee that any rental requests will be accommodated.  NBCC retains the right to refuse any request at its sole discretion.

Once approved, the NBCC Facility Rental Agreement must be completed and signed prior to the rental of the space.

Facility Types

Useful for: Meetings, exams, and more!

Number of participants: 1-40 people (depending on the campus)

There are two types of classrooms we offer:

  • General Classrooms include: Tables, chairs and whiteboard. Whiteboard markers are not included
  • E-Classrooms include: Tables, chairs, whiteboard, projector, screen

** Please note** Classrooms are set up in a default “classroom style” layout – for any special set up requirements, there will be an additional charge.

Useful for: Meetings, exams, conferences, presentations, receptions, trade shows, special events and more!

Number of participants: 1-120 people (depending on the campus and COVID-19-related restrictions)

These rooms include access to screens, projectors in each room.  Size and capacity of lecture theaters vary by campus.

Can accommodate groups between 1-20 people

Boardrooms include AV (projector and screen)

NBCC Campus gymnasiums can be rented for sporting and other events.

Rates and Fees

Daily Rates

Room TypeDaily Rate
Lecture Hall$200.00
Computer Lab$120.00 (plus $25 per computer)
Office Space$100.00
Meeting Room$120.00
Boardroom $180.00
Parking Lot$120.00


Support Rates

Support RoleRegular RateOvertime (Evenings and weekends)
Facilities/Security staff$25.00/hr$37.50/hr
IT support staff$37.50/hr$56.25/hr

Equipment Rental Fee

$25.00 flat rate for any of the following (may not be available at all locations):

  • WiFi internet access
  • Projector and screen
  • Portable sound system (microphone and speaker)
  • Audio/video/HDMI cables
  • Flipchart/whiteboard and markers


  • Half-day rates are 50% of daily rate (half-day = 4 hours or less)
  • Not-for-Profit and charitable organizations may be eligible for a discounted rate (50% discount) upon application and approval

Application Form

All bookings depend on availability.  May–August time frame provides the most availability. We rent year-round, so please complete the rental form below to determine if we are able to accommodate your request. 

Facility/Room Requested

Organization Information

(Name of Individual, Corporation, Government Department, Non-profit, etc)

Contact Information

Insurance (All events must be insured)

Note: If you require Commercial General Liability coverage from NBCC for this event, please refer to the User Group Rating Schedule/Policy for more information and rates.

Insurance Information

Notice: NBCC requires an active Commercial General Liability policy with a $2,000,000 limit.

Proof of Policy

Please upload Certificate of Insurance or Proof of Insurance showing named insured, coverage description and limit).

Government Entity/Self-Insured Contact Information

Please provide contact information for the person in your organization who is responsible for/manages your insurance claims.

Event Information


Catered, tea/coffee only? Warming trays requiring extension cords, etc? (provide details)