Deferring Application

We understand that your plans to study at NBCC may have been impacted due to the inability to complete the study permit/visa application process, travel restrictions and/or personal reasons. As a result, NBCC had temporarily modified its deferral policies for international applicants. 

Eligible Applicants for the 2023 Winter term

  • Those who have been refused a study permit for Winter 2023 intake only, already meet all acceptance conditions, and submitted their Study Permit application within 30 days from confirmation fee payment; and
  • Those who have been waitlisted for Winter 2023 intake only, and already meet all acceptance conditions.

Eligible international applicants have a one-time opportunity to defer their application to the next academic year for the same campus and program choice.  Deferral request can only be submitted 100 days before first day of class of intended intake before deadline. A deferred application does not require a new application payment and will retain the same date/time stamp as the original application in the future admissions cycle. 

Changes to a campus-specific program selection received following a request for deferral will not retain the original time/date stamp and may be subject to new application fees.

Deferral requests are not accepted for changes to the intake, for example from Fall intake to Winter intake. This would require a new application.

Please note that your confirmation fee is non-refundable and will be deferred to the next academic year. Applicants who have made additional payments towards their student fees may request a refund by following the steps found here.

Deferral Request Starting Date and Deadlines

NOTE: The option to defer, regardless of reason, will no longer be available once a student begins their program.

Deferral request can only be submitted 100 days before first day of class of intended intake. Deferral requests will be processed by the Admissions Office within 15 business days of submission of the form below.  Once processed, the deferred application will be in pending status and no further update will be available until the admissions cycle opens for the intake.

Winter 2023
(Evaluations for deferred applications for Winter 2024 will begin February 2023)

DeadlineReasonAdditional Notes
Sept 26, 2022Deferral process opensRequests for deferral will not be accepted before this date.
Jan 3, 2023Visa/Study Permit RefusalDeferral request must be submitted before deadline.
Proof of study permit application and a copy of the IRCC refusal is required
Nov 15, 2022Waitlisted for Winter 2023If your request is not received before deadline, your application will be cancelled and cannot be deferred.

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