Enrolment Change Application


This application is ONLY intended for current students or those individuals who have previously left NBCC without completing their program.

This application is for part-time studies (other than CNED courses), to audit courses, change campuses, late entry into a program, or readmission after some time away from NBCC.

Students must seek academic advising prior to completing this application. Failure to do so, may result to the delay or rejection of an application.

Applications will not be processed if the student has an outstanding balance on their account (unless payment arrangements have been made).

Application Types

  • Audit: A request to attend class but will not participate, write exams, or receive marks. Audit courses are charged but not included as part of academic load calculation.
  • Individual course(s): A request to take (or re-take) a course (or courses), in a regular Post-Secondary Program, as a part-time student.  Please note this form is not used to register for courses offered through Continuing Education or Part-Time Education.
  • Late Entry: requesting entry to a program that has a similar pathway to their current program or a program they previously attended. Students must have completed at least ONE FULL TERM. Note:  Student must have completed the equivalent of, or be enrolled in, at least the first seven weeks of the current/previous program to be eligible for a late entry.  (Example Program: A student wishing to move from Business Administration Management to the Business Administration Marketing-- these programs have the same (similar) first year pathway).
  • Campus Transfer:  A request to transfer from one campus to another in the SAME PROGRAM. Fall (September – December), Winter (January – April), Spring (Apr – June). Campus transfers can only be completed at the START of a new term. 
  • Re-admit:  A request to return to a program previously attended.  Note: It must be the exact same program at the same campus previously attended. If not, choose Late Entry.