Deferring Application

Eligible Applicants for the Fall 2024 intake

Accepted Applicants receiving late Study Permit approval for the Fall 2024 intake might be eligible for a one-time opportunity to defer their application (not acceptance) to the next academic year for the same campus and the same program choice.  

The application for deferral will be open beginning Tuesday, September 3,  and close on Monday, September 30. Deferral requests will only be accepted during the specified dates.  Any request after the deadline will not be considered and applicants will be required to re-apply should they still wish to be considered for a future intake.

A deferred application does not require payment of a new application fee. The application will retain the same date/time stamp as the original application in the following year’s admission cycle. 

Options for accepted applications with late Study Permit approval (Choose one):

  1. Applicants who have been withdrawn following the August 11 deadline to provide proof of study permit may be eligible for reinstatement for their Fall 2024 program if their study permit is approved between August 12 and August 30. To discuss your eligibility for reinstatement email us at
  2. Applicants who are not eligible for reinstatement for Fall 2024 maybe be eligible for deferral to Fall 2025. Complete the form below to request deferral to Fall 2025 intake, for the same program and same campus location.
  3. Applicants who are not reinstated and/or deferred after the Aug 11 deadline will be withdrawn from their program, and their seat cancelled.
  4. Applicants who have paid more than their non-refundable $1500 confirmation deposit may be eligible to request a refund. Please see REFUNDS for details on eligibility and how to request the refund.

Am I Eligible for Deferral?

Deferral requests will be eligible for approval if they meet the following criteria:

  1. Applicant was accepted to Fall 2024 intake (paid non-refundable confirmation fee and first term tuition and fees).
  2. The Study Permit application was submitted to IRCC before July 15 and the Study Permit is approved between August 12 and September 30.
  3. Applicant must provide proof of the approval decision from IRCC at the time of the deferral request by uploading the document in the form below.
  4. New application must be for the same program and same campus.
 IntakeProgramCampusStudy Permit StatusApplication StatusEligible?
Original ApplicationFall 2024Business Administration: ManagementMonctonApprovedAccepted 
Deferral RequestFall 2025Business Administration: ManagementMonctonApprovedAcceptedYES
Deferral RequestWinter 2026Business Administration: ManagementMonctonApprovedAcceptedNO (changed intake)
Deferral RequestFall 2025Culinary Arts ManagementMonctonApprovedAcceptedNO (changed program)
Deferral RequestFall 2025Business Administration: ManagementFrederictonApprovedAcceptedNO (changed campus)
Deferral RequestFall 2025Business Administration: ManagementMonctonRefusedAcceptedNO (refused Study Permit)


Application Form

Note: Applications will be accepted from Sep 3 - 30, 2024.
The specified form no longer exists or is currently unpublished.