Visas, Permits, and Immigration

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Spouses and Families of NBCC Students

Canada’s immigration policy allows certain family members of students to visit, work and/or study in Canada.

Family Members Wanting to Visit

Family members can visit you during your studies at NBCC.  They must have permission to enter and remain in Canada and meet certain conditions. Close family members, such as your partner or dependent children, may also benefit from your status – allowing them to work or study – while in Canada.

Work Permit for Your Partner

If you are a full-time student at New Brunswick Community College, your partner (a spouse or common-law partner) may be able to work while you study.

Your partner will need a separate work permit, also called a spousal open work permit. This permit allows your partner to work for any employer – with a small number of exceptions - and anywhere in Canada. It will only remain valid for the duration of your study permit.

If have recently graduated from NBCC and are working on a Post-Graduation Work Permit in a job that is at Skill Level O, A, or B, in Canada’s National Occupational Classification, your partner may also receive an open work permit.

Important: an open work permit may exclude a small number of occupations (such as jobs in hospitals or schools). These conditions may be removed with a medical examination conducted in Canada by a panel physician, provided that exam is included with your partners application.

Your Minor Children and Study Authorization

In New Brunswick, a minor is defined as a person under the age of 19. If your child or children are already in Canada (and you or your partner is a temporary resident of Canada with a valid study or work permit), your children are authorized to study at the pre-school, primary or secondary level. In this case, these children in Canada must possess a visitor’s visa or record.

When applying from overseas and your children are still outside Canada, however, you will need to apply for a study permit for all children and other family members that intend to join you for six months or longer. Should your child be staying with a relative or other individual, a custodianship form is required.

How to Apply

If your family will all be arriving in Canada at the same time, you should fill out one application for your entire family. However, a work permit can be obtained for your partner after arrival.

When extending after arrival, however, separate applications are required for each individual. In any extension or change to your status, always make sure to record the date of expiry on your study permit or work permit and insist on applying more than 30 days before its expiry.

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