Agriculture Essentials

Start DateDurationLocationTuition
March 28, 202212 WeeksOnlineFree*

* 100% funded through Joint Workforce Development Initiative


The Agriculture Essentials program aims to prepare students to develop basic skills in horticulture production to maintain crops from the beginning to the end of the production cycle. The program consists of an overview of the plant kingdom with the plant's anatomy, functions, and plant nutrition with the ability to recognize anomalies and apply the correct measures. Students will learn the effect of environmental conditions on water transport, photosynthesis, and respiration to ultimately select the proper parameters to optimize plant growth.

Students will have the opportunity to enter a 6-week work experience following the completion of their program.

Program Topics

  • Plant anatomy and morphology
  • Plant nutrition
  • Irrigation systems
  • Process of water transport and photosynthesis
  • Principles of Safe Work


Ensuring each plant receives the necessary attention and treatment for optimal growth. Understand and use basic agriculture equipment safely. 


Upon completing of all the conditions of the program, the student is awarded a training certificate in Agriculture Essentials to use as an employment tool.

Program Structure

  • Introduction to Plant Science
  • Plant Nutrition and Growth Media
  • Water Relations and Plant Photosynthesis
  • Work Safely
  • 6-week Practicum

Apply/More Information

For more information and to register contact: Kelly Springer