Applied Research and Innovation

We actively engage staff and students in applied research with the goal of enriching the learning experience for our students, as well as helping advance industries and communities and supporting economic development in the province.

Using our expertise, equipment and facilities, we help solve technical and business problems, take advantage of market opportunities, and develop new innovative technologies and processes that will enhance the way we live, work and do business.

Becoming a Partner in Applied Research and Innovation

We collaborate with industry partners on applied research and innovation projects that stimulate the commercialization of new and improved technologies while enhancing business opportunities.

Partnering in applied research with NBCC provides tangible and strategic results that can boost a company’s bottom line.

We provide:

  • staff expertise
  • student involvement
  • facilities and equipment
  • funding application capability
  • administrative support
  • networking
  • other partnership potential

We welcome the chance to discuss potential opportunities with our existing and new partners. Contact us today.