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The following documents are NOT available at any campus locations and requests must be submitted via Document Request portal or Student Self-Services.
  • Processing times for all document requests are 5-10 business days not including Canadian Holidays
  • T2202's 2022 will be available through Student Self-Service for all eligible current students at the end of February 2023. We ask at this time for all current students to refrain from submitting a T2202 document request as this option is reserved for alumni. You will receive an email communication when the T2202s for 2022 are available.
  • Confirmation of enrolment for current academic year – Cannot be processed until after students have completed registration.  Please do not submit more than one (1) request for each document. 
  • Confirmation of enrolment for student loan purposes - do not require an official letter or Confirmation of Enrolment to confirm enrolment.  These requests will not be processed.
  • Students applying for a post-graduation work permit (PGWP): Need an unofficial transcript only.  This can be accessed from your Student Self-Service Account. Watch a previously recorded webinar on the PGWP. If you have any questions about your PGWP application, please contact our International Office at
  • Program information form requests - the 2022–2023 academic year student loans program information forms are currently being processed.  Please allow 10 to 15 business days from your program start date for processing.
  • Unofficial transcripts are available via Student Self-Service
  • Payment Receipts - current student are available to access electronic payment receipts via Student Self-Service

Document Requests are for both current students and alumni of NBCC that are processed on a first-come, first-serve basis as received by date. Before placing a request, we ask all clients to please review the notes below.


  • NBCC will be waiving fees for alumni transcript and certificate/diploma requests until ongoing changes to the NBCC Document Request process have been deemed complete and we return to normal operations.
  • The current processing times are 5-10 business days (Business days do not include weekends or holidays).   Processing times do not include mailing time for hard-copy documents. 
  • Please refrain from submitting duplicate requests. Submitting a duplicate request will not advance your position in the queue and can cause further delays in processing times.
  • To ensure your request is submitted properly, we recommend for all clients to use a laptop or desktop computer (mobile phones and tablets are not recommended).
  • Students are to indicate whether they prefer documents sent via electronic or regular mail.   The full mailing address is required to send hard copy documents.  NBCC uses regular Canada Post for all hard-copy (paper)document deliveries.  Students should plan for 1-2 week delivery time when mailed within Canada.  It is the students responsibility to order documents in a timely manner. 

We thank you for your understanding and patience.

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Please Note: At this time we are not providing complete course outlines (curriculum) for a whole program.

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