Information for New Brunswick High School Students

High school students in New Brunswick can take courses at their high school that will be recognized as prior learning at NBCC through the credit transfer application process. On this page, we’ve provided information about which high school courses are eligible for credit at NBCC, as well as some FAQs  to help you understand more about the process.

Which High School Courses are Eligible for Credit Transfer?

The high school courses listed below are eligible for credit transfer at NBCC. Select your course to see the corresponding NBCC course and list of programs for which you may be eligible to receive credit.

Equivalent NBCC courses:  Applied Writing Skills (COMM1155) or Presentation Skills (VCCV1018)

Applied Writing Skills (COMM1155) is a prerequisite for the following NBCC Programs:

Presentation Skills (VCCV1018) is a prerequisite for the following NBCC Programs:

Equivalent NBCC course:  Spanish A: Intro to Language & Culture (LANG1243)

NBCC Related Program(s): N/A


Equivalent NBCC course:  Spanish B: Intro to Structure (LANG1244)

NBCC Related Program(s): N/A


Frequently Asked Questions

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