Top 10 RPL Guidelines

Please read these guidelines before you submit an RPL application. If you have any questions, send us a message using the Questions? Ask Us contact form on the right side of this page.

  1. Make sure you’re eligible to apply
    You are eligible to apply if you are active in a full-time (post-secondary) program* at NBCC and in good financial and academic standing [see STUDENT STANDING policy (pdf)].

    You may apply for credit toward courses scheduled to begin within the designated time frame each term (see Application Dates for details). Applications are usually processed within 3-4 weeks of submission. You must continue to attend class and complete all of your assignments until you receive your result from the RPL Office.

    *Note for Continuing Education (part-time) students: Students intending to complete the Educational Assistant or Early Childhood Education certificates through Continuing Education (part-time) may also apply for credit transfer/equivalency. Other Continuing Education programs are not eligible for RPL at this time. Please note you must be registered in at least one course in order to access the application form.
  2. Use the Previously Evaluated Courses List as a guide
    Go to the RPL Portal and click “Search Previously Evaluated Courses List” to see courses that have been approved or rejected for credit at NBCC in the past. This list is provided for information purposes only and is intended to help you identify possible credit transfers you may be eligible to receive. Although every effort is made to ensure the accuracy of this data, errors may exist. The list is reviewed periodically and is subject to change.
  3. Submit one RPL application per NBCC course
    You must submit a separate application form for EACH NBCC course you are seeking credit for. If you use one form to apply for credit toward more than one NBCC course, your application will be rejected.
  4. Submit detailed course outlines showing the correct course code
    Course outlines must be authentic and verifiable and include the same course code as the corresponding code indicated on your official transcript. Outlines must also include details such as learning outcomes, assessment methods, topic/content list, learning activities, etc.
  5. Do not submit RPL questions or status update requests to the Helpdesk, unless you experience a technical issue
    Helpdesk tickets should only be submitted if you have a technical issue such as problems logging in to the RPL Portal. If you have a question about RPL, use the Questions? Ask Us contact form on the right side of this page.

    Remember: You can view the status of your application on the RPL Portal.
  6. Understand the RPL limits for full-time students and NBCC certification & graduation requirements
    You may lose your full-time status if you are enrolled in less than 60% of your program’s standard full-time credit hours in a term. You also must complete at least 25% of the total required credits in your program at NBCC to be granted a certificate or diploma (note that the residency requirement is 50% for students who began their program before July 1, 2021).

    It is your responsibility to determine whether accepting an approved credit through RPL will impact your ability to meet the residency requirement OR result in a change in status. Losing your full-time status could impact your eligibility for student loans, sponsorships, or study permits/resident visas.

    If you have questions about whether you are at risk of losing your full-time status, you should reach out to your Academic Chair for advice.

    If you choose to withdraw your application after receiving an approval result, you must immediately send an email to notify the RPL Office AND the Administrative Assistant in your school.
  7. Avoid using the same prior learning for multiple RPL applications
    Credit will not be awarded more than once for the same prior learning. However, in some cases, the same previously completed courses may be approved for more than one NBCC course if the assessor determines that the prior learning relating to the competencies required in each NBCC course is different. This decision is made at the assessor’s discretion.
  8. Translate your documents
    All RPL applications and supporting documentation must be submitted in English. When the original documentation is not in English, you must submit a translation performed by a professional/legal translation company, along with the original untranslated documentation. This requirement is applicable to any student submitting documentation from a non-English institution.
  9. Submit real documents that can be authenticated
    The RPL Office has the right to request additional documentation to confirm the authenticity of any part of your application. If it is found that you submitted fraudulent documents or breached the College’s Academic Integrity policy (pdf), your application will be denied and all previous RPL applications will be subject to review and re-evaluation. In addition, you will not be permitted to submit any future RPL applications.
  10. Check your transcript
    If your RPL application is approved, your NBCC transcript will be updated by the end of the term in which the credit was granted. Credit transfer is indicated as CR and credit equivalency is indicated as EQ. You are responsible for checking your transcript to ensure the credit appears as it should. If you notice any issues, please contact the RPL Office.

For more information, please read NBCC’s Recognition of Prior Learning Policy (pdf).

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