Basic Automotive Maintenance

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Saint JohnOct 2 - 30, 2019Wed 6:00 pm - 9:00 pm

Course Overview

One of the best ways to save on car costs is to do auto maintenance projects yourself. In this special interest course, you learn how to perform basic vehicle services yourself.

  • follow safety practices and procedures when performing basic automotive maintenance
  • select the appropriate tools, equipment and materials for the task
  • perform fluid level checks and basic lubrication
    • check radiator coolant level and condition
    • check windshield washing fluid level
    • check brake fluid level
    • choose the correct type of grease for the task
    • check transmission fluid (when applicable)
  • change oil and filter
  • perform a visual inspection of brakes
  • check condition of air filters and cabin air filters
    • replace filters as needed according to car manual
  • check all exteriors lights for functionality and damage
    • replace bulbs where applicable
  • replace wiper blades
  • maintain vehicle tires
    • check tire pressure
    • rotate tires
    • change or repair a tire
  • adhere to safety and environmental procedures for the disposal of automotive lubricants, fluids, parts and tires

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• Safety glasses and boots are required


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