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Peer/Nitap Mentor Program

As a Peer/Nitap Mentor, you will offer peer support and guidance to other learners as they transition to college life.

As an experienced learner you will share you own experiences in navigating college life and living in eastern Canada.

Peer/Nitap Mentors will also support cultural experiences and participate in planning and delivery as a member of the Student Servies Team.

Who Can Join? 


  • Currently enrolled at NBCC and in at least your second term of studies.
  • Preference will be given to students who has lived experience as an international student or indigenous student.
  • Past student leadership experience is considered beneficial.
  • Maintain good academic standing.
  • Respectful communication skills, positive attitude, commitment, and flexibility.
  • Able to manage time and responsibilities effectively.
  • A desire to help others overcome challenges and barriers to success!
  • Interested in sharing in and learning about Indigenous culture and building connections to other cultures.


  • All students  

Why Join?

For Mentors:

  • Honorarium of $800.
  • Volunteer and student leadership experience for resume
  • Certificate of Participation in NBCC Peer/Nitap Mentor Program
  • Being a valued part of the Student Services team and given the opportunity to provide meaningful feedback, participate in planning of cultural experiences network and develop new friendships.

For Mentees:

Will be guided by a Peer/Nitap Mentor who is a fellow student that has similar life/study experiences and who will answer questions about cultural support and student services available on campus and in the community. The Peer/Nitap mentors work in partnership with the Student Services team and will have the opportunity to network and develop transformative relationships with mentees.

Expectations for Mentors 

  • Be available to answer general questions about NBCC and navigating College.
  • Help to facilitate meaningful connections to community resources and peer groups
  • Facilitate regular one-on-one, or one to group, outreach sessions to mentees via in-person or virtual meetings, emails, WhatsApp, and MS Teams
  • Attend the 'Peer/Nitap Mentor Training'
  • Helping to organize cultural awareness events focusing on culture, history and heritage; organized by Student Success Coaches and fellow mentors.
  • Assisting with online and/or campus-based communication, events and resource sharing.
  • Invite mentees to Orientation, workshops and student engagement activities.
  • Peer/Nitap Mentors are representatives of NBCC and are expected to act in accordance with the Student Code of Conduct (

Time Commitment for Mentors

  • Commitment to work in the Peer/Nitap Mentor Position for one academic term  
  • Peer/Nitap Mentors are expected to mentor a group of first-term students throughout a mentoring period   
  • Peer Mentors are expected to be available for 5-8 hours per week for 10 weeks  
  • Nitap Mentors will offer 3-5 hours per week for 12 weeks and be actively engaged with the Elder Resource program and lunchtime cultural activities. 


Contact for any questions.