Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition (PLAR)

Note: This pilot program is currently closed for further intake. Thank you to all applicants that contacted us. For more information about prior learning assessment options, including credit transfers and credit equivalencies, please see Recognition of Prior Learning.

NBCC’s Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition (PLAR) pilot program aims to provide everyone with a pathway to formal recognition for their learned life, work, and non-formal training experience.

The pilot will focus on first-year courses in two NBCC programs in the IT sector between now and the Fall of 2022.

Beyond these programs, the pilot will establish goals and recommendations for future expansion to other sectors. NBCC will implement innovative solutions to efficient assessment processes and help students develop individual skills portfolios.

Admission Requirements

This NBCC pilot is open to all potential students with experiential or non-formal learning relevant to the following Information Technology programs: (1) Programmer-Analyst, and (2) Web & Mobile App Development. If the applicant has learning that is equivalent to some or all first-year courses within these programs, they may be a good candidate for Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition. After a self-assessment, approved applicants must be prepared to provide evidence of their prior learning, using a variety of accepted methods (dependent on subject matter). This body of evidence may include written or oral explanations, video demonstrations, samples of work, and more. Together, these pieces will form a portfolio of learning that can be assessed for credit.

To inquire about this initiative, please contact

Applicants must keep in mind that Prior Learning Assessment may affect their status as a full-time student. Students are required to obtain a minimum of 25 percent of their program credits from NBCC courses to receive an NBCC Certificate or Diploma.

Frequently Asked Questions

For the 2021-22 school year, NBCC is piloting new innovations in the field of Prior Learning Assessment and Recognition (PLAR), with a focus on IT programs. Applicants can have their experiential learning assessed for formal credit in first-year courses of selected programs.