Housing in Woodstock

Enrolment at NBCC Woodstock campus has seen significant growth, especially with international students. This influx of students from September - June is creating accommodation issues for the campus. Finding enough practical housing for students has been a challenge.

NBCC students are looking for accommodations that are within walking distance to the campus as many do not have access to a vehicle.

Opportunity for homeowners

If you have space, our students may want to rent it. Each year we create a housing list for students to look at all potential housing options and provide the contact information for the landlord. We are looking to expand that list with as many options as possible. Students typically look for rentals from September-June.

Housing options can mean many things to students:

Room Rental: Rent a room in your house. Turn your spare room into an income source. Students expect to pay $300 - $450 per Month for room rentals.

Home Rental: Rent by the room or rent the entire house, apartment or guest suite to a group of students. Students expect to pay $750 - $1,200 per Month depending on the number of rooms. 

Benefits to renting to students

Our students love Woodstock! The picturesque, charming and relaxed atmosphere is perfect for our students to settle into the community and focus on their studies. Here are a few benefits of renting to an NBCC student.

  • Additional Income.
  • Student renters priority is their education and make for great renters.
  • Opportunity to learn about new cultures and create new friendships with new tenants.
  • Empowering a young generation: If you decide to rent your place to college students, you’re helping them to get the college life they envisioned.
  • Steady supply of renters. With the college attracting students from out of town every year there will always be a demand for housing options.


For more information or to add your property to the list, contact NBCC at housing@nbcc.ca or call (506) 460-6222.