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First in Family to attend College?

If you are a first-generation learner at NBCC, we’ve got your back!

47% of NBCC students are the first person in their family to attend College*

At NBCC, a first-generation learner is defined as someone who is the first person in their family to attend college or university, so consider yourself a trailblazer – we do! Just know that you are not alone, NBCC is here to support you along the way.

It’s easy to have a lot of self-doubt, but what is important is to push through that self-doubt and realize that education is something that you will always be able to fall back on. You can use it to push yourself toward a better future

Naomi MahoneyPresident of NBCC Prov. SU

At NBCC, we believe that none of us, individually, is as strong as all of us together. That means we are here for you now – and always.

Mary Ellen Kingston-RitchieDirector Student Development

Student Success Coach

The Student Success Coach will initiate contact and provide advising to student populations. This includes but is not limited to First Generation students, In-Bloom students, and Former Youth in Care Bursary recipients to assist them in their transition to NBCC and encourage growth and development throughout their college experience. The coach will empower students to identify and achieve their educational, personal, and professional goals through coaching sessions and connecting them with resources within and beyond NBCC.

More Information

If you have a college related question and don’t know where to turn, email for help. You belong here and your success is our success. TOGETHER WE RISE!

* NBCC students who completed the 2019 Student Experience Survey.