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Over the course of NBCC's history, staff and students have enhanced their learning through community projects.

The Robertson Institute for Community Leadership honours this history while changing the future by making community leadership and service learning a priority for all students in each of our programs across six regions.

I can say now that I really enjoy what NBCC does for the community and helping their students to get involved with the people around them.

Terra KennedyBusiness Student, NBCC Moncton

Community Leadership Certification

NBCC students have the opportunity to develop their leadership skills and be recognized with a Community Leadership Certification that will include three courses: Support, Build and Transform. These courses include both theoretical and applied learning opportunities.

Support: Engage. Participate. Reflect.

Introduced in 2014, this is a required course for all NBCC students and introduces them to how community service enhances the learning experience, personal growth, employability and civic responsibility.

Participants will:

  • Engage in a short online course (PERS 1228)
  • Participate in a community service activity
  • Reflect on the course and activity to answer questions like "What positive impact did we make? "What did I learn about myself and the organization?" and "Why is important to give back?"

Build: Learn. Commit. Change.

In this course, participants will deepen their leadership learning and go beyond the Support level to develop a personal leadership blueprint and make a more sustained commitment to a service activity.

Participants will:

  • Learn through self-directed online modules featuring local community leaders from across our province who will coach learners to find the leader within themselves and recognize how they can play a role to transform lives and communities.
  • Commit to a sustained engagement in a volunteer or leadership activity to create change within themselves and our communities.

Transform: Innovate. Mobilize. Sustain.

Participants will be innovative in creating new leadership solutions. They will demonstrate leadership by mobilizing other participants in support of this activity in sustainable solutions.

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