Quality Assurance (QA): Manufacturing Certificate

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July 20239 months (2 days/month)Moncton$4495.00

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The Quality Assurance (QA) Manufacturing Professional Development Certificate program is designed to provide the skills, knowledge and techniques required in preparation for a quality assurance career in the manufacturing industry. The program provides the foundational knowledge of the methods used to improve the delivery and quality of goods and services. Courses focus on various topics such as ISO standards, quality auditing, metrology, reliability and quality planning. The program combines instruction with practical relevant exercises related to quality assurance in manufacturing that will prepare learners for a variety of quality assurance organizational opportunities.


(Courses may also be taken on an individual basis but preference is given to those enrolling in the complete program.)

All courses will run from 8:30 am – 4:00 pm


Program TopicDates
Welcome and OrientationJul 18
Quality Concepts
This course is an introduction to basic theories, principles and concepts of quality assurance for manufacturing. It provides an overview of various topics: establishing product/service quality and reliability; quality planning; quality standards and tools; inspection, verification and test operations. This course also provides an overview of data collection, analysis and interpretation.
Jul 18 & 19
Basic Statistics and Statistical Process Control
This course provides an overview on the application of statistical methods to ensure quality output. Topics such as sampling, process variation, analysis of variance (ANOVA) and other statistical techniques are explored. Students will also learn how to set up and use Statistical Process Control (SPC) charts, collect data, analyze and interpret results in order to enhance productivity and increase workplace efficiency.
Aug 22 & 23
Quality standards and regulations
This course provides an overview of quality management systems (QMS) and total quality management (TQM). An emphasis is placed on the IOS 9000 series and learners explore various audit methods applied to manufacturing processes. Other topics include the purpose and requirements of the ISO Standards and assessment of existing company operations relating to the standard.
Sep 19 & 20
Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing
This course introduces the basic concepts of Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing (GD&T), the GD&T language and its related symbols. Emphasis is placed on interpretation and application symbols to drawings, measurements and quality control.
Oct 17 & 18
This course introduces the basic tools and techniques required for reliable measurement. Basic techniques and best practices on the use of precision instruments, their calibration, and applications are explored and fundamental considerations for the proper selection, application and care of measurement systems are introduced.
Nov 21 & 22
Six Sigma
This course introduces the principles and methodologies of six-sigma as a new management approach toward quality improvement. Learners explore concepts and tools that are employed to improve processes and achieve a higher level of performance.
Dec 12 & 13
This course introduces the fundamental concepts of reliability and how their application in the workplace can improve product performance. It provides a summary of methods and procedures of reliability statistics, concepts of maintainability and availability, and systems reliability. Concepts such as distributions, reliability management, logic diagrams, assessment methods, and safety in reliability also reviewed.
Jan 16 & 17
Quality Planning
This course focuses on the core concepts of quality planning principals for manufacturing processes. Process approach to quality planning, failure mode effect analysis (FMEA) and advanced product quality planning (APQP) are explored in this course. Problem solving techniques and strategies to improve quality plan, process and product/service are reviewed.
Feb 13 & 14
Quality Auditing
This course covers quality auditing concepts, principles and practices. Learners explore how to plan for audits, create auditing reports, and corrective action requests. This course addresses different types of quality audits that results in audit reports as required by ISO 9000:2015 and other quality system models.
Mar 19 & 20



This program is designed for various professionals with preferably two or more years of related work experience.

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Participant commitment:

  • 18 Days of in-class instruction over a nine-month period
  • Attend weekday classes from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
  • Pre-readings, assignments, and reflective journaling (outside of class time)
  • Participation in classroom discussion and presentations

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