Academic Coaching and Learner Services

NBCC is committed to providing an accessible learning environment for all students. At NBCC, we ensure each student has equal opportunity to access education, training, and services.

We accommodate students with various accessibility needs, learning disabilities and/or physical or mental barriers. Academic and service accommodations are considered for ALL students and reviewed individually.

Note: If you have accessibility needs and/or received academic accommodations and/or supports while in high school or other post-secondary institutes, please contact us.

Our Academic Coaching and Learner Services staff work with students to develop comprehensive individual accommodation/learning plans and connect students to supports to reduce barriers to learning. Our Student Success Centers are equipped with assistive technology to support learning in many forms.

To get started: Self-Identify

  • Complete the Learner Services Needs Form (MS Word) and send to the Academic Coaching and Learner Services contact for the school and program for which you have been accepted.
  • It is important to note this will NOT affect acceptance. If you meet entrance requirements for acceptance, this will allow NBCC to work with you to identify early learning needs. 
  • Contact the College Admissions Service (CAS) at 1-888-796-NBCC if you have questions and don't forget to pay your $250 confirmation fee within the deadline.
  • Your information is confidential. Once accepted, an Academic Coaching and Learner Services team member will contact you to determine your needs and put appropriate academic supports in place.

How we help with next steps:

  • Academic Coaching and Learner Services staff are available for ALL students to support their academics; from study and test taking tips to support with academic and service accommodations, we are here to enhance your approach to learning.
  • Based on documented need, students can receive a variety of supports such as, but not limited to, assistive technology, individual or group tutoring, and test accommodations (quiet space, extra time, reader and scribe). For a comprehensive list of accessibility services and how we can help, view the full list of services here.
  • Academic Coaching and Learner Services staff may assist students with accessing potential funding sources. Be sure to provide all documented disability information.
  • Book an appointment early with Academic Coaching and Learner Services to determine and finalize your individual accommodation/learning plan (IAP); do not wait for classes to start!


Transitioning Life to College: A Right-Start Support Program

  • If you are a student with accessibility needs, and/or received academic accommodations/supports while in high school or other post-secondary institutes, this program is for you!
  • All first year college students have a lot of questions and likely some worries, particularly those with learning challenges: Will the workload be too much? What is the best way to take notes and read to remember? How do I approach an Instructor? This is where the TLC (Transitioning Life to College) can help!
  • At NBCC we know students often arrive feeling overwhelmed and we want to provide an opportunity for students to ask questions and start the year off right. With this early start program, TLC provides students tools and strategies to help make small changes with huge impact to approach your learning.
  • Learn more about TLC@NBCC and to register

Connect with Us

Expand the program areas below to locate your program and our team member to contact, or email us at

Program Learning Strategist Contact
Alternative Pathways
Animation and Graphics
Early Childhood Education
Educational Support
Electronic Game Development
Graphic and Communications Design
Justice Studies: Corrections
Justice Studies: Police Foundations
Social Service Community Worker
Darlene Travers (506) 778-6059
Human Services Practitioner
Social Service Community Worker
Catrina Townes (506) 529-5697
Program Learning Strategist Contact
Culinary Arts
Culinary Arts Management
Hotel and Restaurant Management
Hotel and Restaurant Operations
Human Resources Management
International Business Management
International Travel and Tourism
Accounting and Payroll Administration
Business Administration: Accounting
Business Administration: Financial Management
Business Administration: Insurance and Risk Management
Business Administration: Management
Business Administration: Marketing
Amanda Bellefleur (506) 856-2261
Administrative Professional
Administrative Professional: Executive
Administrative Professional: French Second Language Training
Administrative Professional: Health Services
Client Services & Sales
Edna St. Croix (506) 856-3269
Program Learning Strategist Contact
BET: Architectural
BET: Building Systems
BET: Construction Management
BET: Structural
CET: Highway and Municipal
Civil Technician
Electrical Engineering Technology
Electronics Engineering Technology
Edna St. Croix (506) 856-3269
Chemical Technology
Energy Systems Technology
Industrial Control Technology
Mechanical Engineering Technology
Power Engineering Technology
Process Control Technician
Catrina Townes (506) 529-5697
Program Learning Strategist Contact
Pharmacy Technician
Medical Laboratory Technician
Medical Laboratory Assistant
Respiratory Therapy
Catrina Townes (506) 529-5697
Practical Nurse
Personal Support Worker
Jody Beresford (506) 444-2677
Program Learning Strategist Contact
Environmental Technology
IT: Business Analysis
IT: Cybersecurity
IT: Data Analytics
IT: Gaming Experience Development
IT: Network Administration
IT: Network Support
IT: Programmer Analyst
IT: Quality Assurance Testing
IT: Web and Mobile Application
Rachel Binns (506) 453-8429
Program Learning Strategist Contact
*Boilermaker (Apprenticeship only)
CNC Machining
*Iron Worker (Apprenticeship only)
Metal Fabrication
Women in Welding (PPL)
Welding and Metal Fabrication
Welding Technology

HVAC Sheet Metal Fabrication
Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Technician

Skilled Trades Techniques

Agricultural Equipment Repair
Heavy Equipment Service Technician
Industrial Mechanics
Marine Diesel Mechanics
Mechanical Technician
Truck and Transport Service Technician

Electrical: Construction
Electrical: Industrial
Instrumentation and Control Technician (Apprenticeship only)
April Leet (506) 869-6307
Autobody and Collision Technician
Automotive Service Technician
Automotive Technology
Motorcycle Repair
Edna St. Croix (506) 856-3269
Campus Learning Strategist Contact
Rachel Binns (506) 453-8429
Saint John
St Andrews
Victoria Scott (506) 658-5912