Accounting and Payroll Administration

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MiramichiSeptember 2022 (Blended Delivery) Domestic | International
WoodstockSeptember 2022 (Blended Delivery) Domestic | International
MonctonJanuary 2023 (Blended Delivery) Domestic | International

Program Overview

All businesses depend on the bottom line. Accountants and payroll administrators are major players in financial departments, ensuring that critical accounting functions such as payroll and benefits are properly calculated and reported; and that employees are paid on time. Administrators can also have a hand in preparing essential financial statements, managing payables and receivables, tax filing, banking procedures, and more.
At NBCC, you'll learn how to process payroll information and determine pay and benefit entitlements for employees, and you’ll become proficient in the accounting software used to do it. We also offer complementary administrative training, such as office software skills, customer service, and problem-solving. If you enjoy keeping things organized and have a knack for numbers and data, you could become a vital asset as an accounting and payroll administrator. Enroll today and build a dynamic career where your numbers knowledge has a daily impact on an organization’s financial wellbeing and its people.


The requirements for this certificate program may be achieved within one academic year of full-time study.

Admission Requirements

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  • High School Diploma or Adult High School Diploma or GED Diploma of High School Equivalency or Essential Skills Achievement Pathway: Post-Secondary Entry High School Diploma

    NB Francophone High School Math Equivalencies
    International Student Admission Equivalencies

    Career Possibilities

    Private and public sector organizations all need qualified accounting professionals. A career in accounting and payroll places you in demand in both small and large companies. Your career path could lead you to direct employment at a business, an accounting firm, or a payroll management company that provides services to companies and organizations.
    Our program prepares you to enter the workplace as a payroll administrator. Additionally, the skills you have learned can open other accounting career paths, including becoming an accounting clerk who prepares and processes bills and manages payables and receivables or a bookkeeper who specializes in maintaining a complete record of the businesses’ books and transactions. Many bookkeepers and accounting technicians develop their own client base and follow their dream of being self-employed.

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    Specific Considerations

    With experience, the graduate may become a Certified Bookkeeper through the Canadian Institute of Bookkeeping.

    Technology Requirements
    NBCC is a connected learning environment. All programs require a minimum specification, including access to the internet and a laptop. Your computer should meet your program technology requirements to ensure the software required for your program operates effectively. Free wifi is provided on all campuses.

    Program Courses

    Courses are subject to change.

    This course is designed to allow the student to work independently in a business setting related to their field of study. Students are expected to follow the work schedule of the practicum host.

    This course is designed to help students strengthen their fundamental skills in writing clear, effective sentences and paragraphs, and enable them to create organized, unified and coherent documents. The writing process is introduced. Students will recognize the importance of writing for the intended purpose and audience.

    This course introduces a structured approach to writing business messages for emails, memos, letters, and other documents. Students will apply the stages of the writing process to business writing (prewriting, writing and revising). They will research, prepare, format, draft, proofread and edit a series of documents commonly used in business writing.


    • COMM1257B

    This course provides students with the fundamentals of analysis and recording of financial transactions for the complete accounting cycle.

    This course builds on the knowledge in Accounting I. It provides students with an in-depth understanding of and the skills necessary to apply accounting concepts, principles, and procedures.


    • GACG1050

    Students acquire an understanding of the basics of payroll practices and procedures including an overview of employment standards, earnings, benefits, statutory deductions, net pay, and Record of Employment documents.


    • GACG1076

    This course will provide the student with an understanding of the legal aspects of the employment relationship and the respective responsibilities of the employer and employee.

    This course will provide the student with an understanding of payroll accounting including payroll remittances to various stakeholders, year end procedures, reporting requirements, and recording of payroll entries.


    • GACG1075

    The student will apply accounting knowledge in a practical setting with emphasis on recording and posting of transactions, preparation of financial statements and analysis of accounting information.


    • GACG1051

    This course is an introduction to basic concepts in business law. It provides students with an overview of various acts and legislations that govern the marketplace such as contract law, tort liability, employment legislation, intellectual property, and real property.

    This course provides students with a review of fundamental operations, familiarizes students with problems related to business, and with the mathematics of cost-volume-profit analysis.

    This course is designed to familiarize students with the mathematics of merchandizing, simple interest, compound interest, and annuities.


    • MATH1086

    This workshop introduces students to the process of finding employment. It explores the various strategies and resources available, and examines the role of social media.

    This course provides an introduction to the meaning of community service.  Students learn how community service can enhance a student’s educational experience, personal growth, employability, and civic responsibility. Students participate in one day of volunteering to enhance their understanding of civic responsibility and to help the New Brunswick Community College realize its vision of transforming lives and communities. 

    Students examine the concept of quality service from the perspective of the client and the business and with the goal of customer return and retention.

    This course introduces students to a computerized accounting software program. It will provide students with experience in maintaining computerized accounting records using accounting software. Transactions using the general, payable, receivable and payroll modules will be covered.


    • GACG1050

    This course builds on the skills of Computerized Accounting. Students set up company data in various modules, process various transactions, adjustments, reconciliations and prepare month end and year end financial reports.


    • SAAL1020

    This course builds on the basic spreadsheet skills and examines more advanced software functionality. Among the areas covered are the creation and management of tables and charts, the manipulation of multiple worksheets and workbooks, and various advanced functions.


    • SAAL1830A

    Students taking this course will build on their previous spreadsheet knowledge to examine additional advanced software functions.


    • SAAL1220G

    This course introduces students to fundamentals of computer system components and functions, electronic file management, email including scheduling and calendar management, and word processing concepts.

    Students will learn how to manage electronic files and folders, and use the word processing and email software applications in managing files or documents, emails, scheduling and calendars. Students will also use the Internet as a research tool.

    This course introduces students to basic spreadsheet concepts. A strong understanding of those concepts assists in designing spreadsheets for a variety of tasks, such as numerical reporting, sorting, budgeting and forecasting.

    Students gain the necessary skills required when working with spreadsheets, including how to create, edit, format, save, move, copy, sort, and calculate data. They will also learn how to summarize data using formulas and present their results visually using various chart types and styles.

    A safe and healthy workplace is the responsibility of the employer and the employee. This course introduces students to the importance of working safely and addresses how employers and employees can control the hazards and risks associated with the workplace. Students will also learn about the roles and responsibilities of key stakeholders including WorkSafeNB, the employer and the employee in ensuring workplaces are safe.

    NOC Codes

    1311 - Accounting technicians and bookkeepers
    1431 - Accounting and related clerks
    1432 - Payroll clerks

    Articulation Agreements

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    Institution: St. Stephen's University
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    Information: All one and two year NBCC programs will be recognized as approved programs of study within SSU's Bachelor of International Studies (BIS) program.

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