Leadership in Healthcare and Community Services Certificate

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Sep 20235 months (2 days/month)Moncton$2495.00

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The Leadership in Healthcare and Community Services program is designed to enhance emerging health leaders’ proficiency in matters facing today’s healthcare and community services management. It encourages learners to think critically, examine factors that impact the healthcare system, explore leadership styles and management strategies, and develop the skills to lead in diverse and inclusive work environments. Topics are taught through leadership lens to meet the needs of those aspiring towards leadership positions in healthcare and community services. The program provides learners with the knowledge and capabilities to advance in their career and succeed in leadership roles.


(Courses may also be taken on an individual basis but preference is given to those enrolling in the complete program.)

All courses will run from 8:30 am – 4:00 pm

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Understanding Personalities and Team Building 
In this course, participants will examine the benefits and risks of employee involvement strategies, explore decision-making and leadership styles, and become familiar with current team facilitation methods. They will identify various personalities in the workplace and discover the normal differences in people concerning energy source, information gathering, decision-making and lifestyle based on the current HR models. This course will include an opportunity to practice improved strategies for communicating, problem solving, and decision-making.
Diversity and Inclusion
This course will provide learners with the opportunity to gain knowledge related to diversity and inclusion issues within our changing society and professional environments. Learners will reflect upon their own experiences, values, and biases as they explore attitudes and competencies that are important in effective professional relationships.
Healthcare Leadership Trends and Issues
Health care is one of the most important issues to Canadians. This course introduces students to the complexity of the Canadian health care system and examines the various factors that impact this system. It also examines the role of inter-professional collaboration in achieving positive outcomes.
Ethical Leadership in Healthcare 
Health care leaders not only have an obligation to meet their own fundamental ethical obligations, they also must ensure that employees throughout the organization are supported in adhering to high ethical standards. In this course, participants learn how the behaviour of individual employees is profoundly influenced by the culture in which those individuals work and that one of the goals of ethical leadership is to foster an ethical environment and culture.
Management and Leadership Fundamentals
In this course, participants will learn the difference between leadership and management and the importance of fostering a healthy team in both capacities. Leadership styles and basic management practices, and when best to use them, will be explored. This course will introduce students to a systematic approach to organizational behaviour and explore organizational behaviour from an individual, group, and organizational perspective. Participants will examine how different individual, group and organizational aspects can affect effectiveness, productivity and possibilities to reach organizational goals. Students will explore skills and techniques used to effectively plan, manage and ensure acceptance of the organizational changes.
Performance Management 
Performance management is critical to meeting an organization’s business goals. In this course, participants learn the importance of employee appraisal, issues that influence selection of a performance appraisal system and explore methods for avoiding rater bias. Participants also become familiar with the current issues surrounding training and development (T&D) and explore cooperative ways to come to a solution, increase their awareness to personality differences and learn important communication skills used to collaboratively resolve conflicts.
Finance Fundamentals for Non-Financial Healthcare Leaders
In this course, students will explore the basic elements and practices of financial monitoring and management. Students are introduced to fundamental tools and concepts related to finance in health care. Participants will learn to read, analyze and interpret financial information related to the budgeting process, funding and accounting procedures for health care organizations.


ELECTIVES (Mandatory to take at least one elective, but welcome to do both)

Managing in a Unionized Environment
In this course, participants will learn how to work effectively to build trust in the unionized environment and leadership approaches to improve workplace relations.  Leadership strategies, employment-related laws and proven ways to achieve a progressive work environment are also explored.
Managing in a Not-For-Profit Environment 
This course will provide learners with a strong framework for understanding the functional areas of strategic management and how those areas are related to the not-for-profit workplace. Learners will explore the unique challenges faced by manager in an environment where the focus in on helping others.


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This program is designed for various professionals with preferably two or more years of related work experience.

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Participant commitment:

  • 10 Days of in-class instruction over a five-month period
  • Attend weekday classes from 8:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.
  • Pre-readings, assignments, and reflective journaling (outside of class time)
  • Participation in classroom discussion and presentations

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