Lisa Neufville

Lisa Neufville

Position: Student Governor; Member of Governance Committee

Date of Appointment: November 3, 2022

Education: NBCC IT: Network Administration Program

Experience: Originally from Jamaica, Lisa completed a Bachelor of Science in Computing degree at the University of Technology, Jamaica. She served as the first female president of the University’s Association of Student Computer Engineers (UTASCE) for two consecutive years.

Behind the Scenes: Lisa worked in the hospitality industry for seven years before moving to Canada and enrolling at NBCC. She enjoys art, reading, and writing, and is currently working on her own collection of poetry.

Lisa on NBCCNBCC is on the brink of true greatness, poised and ready for its next period of growth and achievement. New knowledge and new technologies are born within the halls of academia, and NBCC sits at the pinnacle of such. With its wide selection of courses and its hands-on approach to learning, NBCC graduates have been branded brilliant and marketable for the ever-changing job industry. The collaborative effort is a core value of NBCC that I will vigorously protect and promote in the year ahead. As an international student, I am honoured to be a part of such a noble institution and serve as a member of the Board of Governors.