Grade 11 Applicants


In accordance with the recommendations of the Chief Medical Officer of Health for New Brunswick, NBCC’s Admissions Centre will be closed until further notice; consequently, we are expecting a significant delay in processing applications. We are working towards solutions to mitigate the situation and ensure our clients are served as quickly as possible.

At this time, we ask that Grade 11 students not apply until further notice.

Grade 11 students are able to apply early to ensure they have a better chance of being first qualified and accepted.

Grade 11 applicants must select the next available admit term option that your program choice is offered in. As a Grade 11 student, your application will automatically be deferred to following intake year for the same offering. For example, if you plan to attend fall 2021 you would select fall 2020 or if you plan to attend winter 2022 you would select winter 2021.

Grade 11 students can apply by submitting their current grade 11 transcripts on or after the first business day in April. Applications received prior to the date above will be date/time stamped as received at the end of the first business day in April (at 4:30pm).