J.D. Irving, Limited Bursary for New Brunswickers

J.D. Irving and NBCC are proud to work together to offer this award in support of diverse students entering their studies in one of the eligible programs at NBCC related to J.D. Irving operations.

J.D. Irving encourages all recipients to explore the possibility of doing their work placements with their group of companies and, upon successful graduation, they also would encourage recipients to consider applying with the J.D. Irving, Ltd. group of companies.


To be eligible, applicants must:

  • Be accepted or enrolled full-time or part-time in one of the eligible programs
  • Demonstrate financial need
  • Be in good academic standing
  • Preference may be given to students that identify as members of an employment equity group, including without limitation, women, Indigenous Peoples, African Canadians, and Persons with Disabilities

Please note: This bursary is not available to International students.

Bursary Amount

We will award up to 12 students per academic year. The value of the awards are the amount of full tuition ($3,380) not including fees.  This will be paid 50% at the start of Fall term and 50% at the start of Winter term and deposited to the students’ account.

Bursary Details

This award is renewable for future program years without a gap in studies. A passing grade in every course is required to retain the award for subsequent academic years.

In the event the recipient withdraws or does not meet the terms for renewal, another recipient will be selected to receive the bursary based on the criteria.

Application Deadline

Applications will be accepted between June 5 – July 21, 2023.

Application Form

If you encounter any issues completing the application form or require further information, please contact giving@nbcc.ca

(Fields denoted with * are required.)

Applicant Information

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As appears on your SIN

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Current Residence Information

Financial Information

Please complete any or all that apply to your current financial situation while attending NBCC.

Financial Resources (for one year of college)

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Expenses (for one year of college)

Rent/mortgage, taxes, insurance, electricity, internet/cable/satellite, phone x10

Taxi, bus, vehicle payment, fuel, maintenance, insurance x10

Groceries, cleaners, personal, medications x10

Health insurance, daycare, water/sewer, etc. x10

Total of all expenses above

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