Former Youth in Care Tuition Bursary

Former Youth in Care Tuition Bursary

About the Program

The Former Youth In Care Tuition Bursary covers all tuition and program fees for eligible applicants, regardless of age. Individuals who spent more than 12 months placed as a child in care in New Brunswick, including foster care, group home care, and other forms of care.

The initiative is aimed at making post-secondary education more accessible for former youth in care by waiving tuition and compulsory fees for eligible students. Beginning in September 2021, NBCC will support a minimum of 10 students annually.

Eligibility Criteria

  • Resident of New Brunswick
  • Have lived in the care of the New Brunswick Minister of Social Development for a minimum of twelve consecutive or cumulative months (one-year total) under the Family Services Act.
  • Must consent to a Release of Information for verification process with New Brunswick’s Department of Social Development
  • Must be working towards completing their first post-secondary credential (degree or diploma holders regardless of issuing school are not eligible)
  • Must be accepted to an NBCC program or course within a government funded (regular program) offerings at standard tuition rates – not eligible for Professional Learning Programs
  • Full-time and part-time students are eligible
  • Willing to work with the Program Coordinator to explore other supplementary sources of funding
  • There is no age limit for participation

How to Apply

NBCC has a dedicated resource to help eligible individuals access the program. Individuals with questions or those interested in participating in the program can contact NBCC at: 

Frequently Asked Questions

The funding covers tuition and program fees (regular program) offered at standard tuition rates – not eligible for Professional Learning Programs.

Yes, the program is open to full- and part-time students.

Yes, there is no age limit so long as other requirements are met.

Eligible students can receive up to a maximum of $5000 per year applied against tuition and program fees at NBCC.

Yes, as a condition of the program, students must apply for other non-repayable financial support.  The program Coordinator will help applicants through this process.

We will apply the support against the portion of tuition and fees paid by student loan to the student’s NBCC account which will trigger a refund so loan amounts can be used to cover other expenses.

No, only those in who lived in care for a minimum of one year (cumulative or accumulated) in the New Brunswick Foster Care System as recognized under the Family Services Act (O.C. 2020-72).

Step one is to reach out to NBCC First Generation Coordinator by emailing or call 1-888-796-NBCC (6222).

We only contact social Development to confirm a student’s eligibility by being in foster care for a minimum of 12 months. No other information is shared.