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Program Overview

Food sustains people. Food defines cultures. Food brings us together and makes people happy. Cooks are culinary artists that create flavorful foods and exciting presentations that deliver delight for diners. From working in hotels to hospitals, family diners to five-star establishments, few professions give people as many options as cooking can. So if you’ve got a passion for food and a love for creating new things, a career as a cook could be the recipe for an exciting future.
Our Cook program will teach you the ins and outs of kitchen maintenance, food handling, preparation, and sanitation. You'll learn the science of measurements, specialized cooking procedures, kitchen tools and equipment technology, and how to create award-winning recipes. Imagine what you could do with your natural flair for food and a solid foundation of a professional culinary education. Enroll today in the Cooking program and pursue a career that's full of flavour.


The requirements for this certificate program may be achieved within one academic year of full-time study.

Admission Requirements

    Profile A

  • High School Diploma or Adult High School Diploma or GED Diploma of High School Equivalency or Essential Skills Achievement Pathway: Post-Secondary Entry High School Diploma

    NB Francophone High School Math Equivalencies
    International Student Admission Equivalencies

    Career Possibilities

    You'll graduate with the cooking skills to become a key part of any professional kitchen. You could work in hotels, restaurants, diners, trains, ships, quick-serve restaurants, and catering companies. Public institutions such as schools, hospitals, nursing homes, and more also employ foodservice professionals.
    You may start as a prep cook and work your way up to sous chef or head chef over time. Cooks often have personal styles and preferences that lead to specializing in specific types of cooking, from creating main courses to decadent baked desserts. Cooking is a career that can take you anywhere in the world. For those with a taste for adventure, it can provide a lifestyle like no other.

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    Specific Considerations

    The hours of work may be irregular and may include shift work, weekends, and holidays. For Culinary and Tourism programs, a medical examination and immunizations are not required for practicums in these settings. However, employees of food handling establishments and firms providing personal services may have to submit to any medical examinations and tests that the district medical officer or Minister may require. The requirement is usually in effect when there are outbreaks of notifiable or contagious diseases. A certificate and card are provided upon successful completion of the National Food Safety Training Program and Smart Serve Program.

    Technology Requirements
    NBCC is a connected learning environment. All programs require a minimum specification, including access to the internet and a laptop. Your computer should meet your program technology requirements to ensure the software required for your program operates effectively. Free wifi is provided on all campuses.

    Program Courses

    Courses are subject to change.

    This introductory course focuses on developing the skills required to produce a variety of baked goods. Students learn to make bakery products which include but are not limited to breads, rolls and pastries. They must adhere to stringent safety and sanitation standards in the operation of equipment and the production of baked goods.

    Students have the opportunity to apply the knowledge and skills they have acquired in school to the workplace. This practical experience allows the students to experience first hand the daily tasks required in the trade and the general nature of the workplace environment. Job exposure also allows industry to view the students’ capabilities for possible future employment.

    To provide the knowledge required to assess the quality of beef, identify all 22 regular cuts of a side of beef, tenderize beef and prepare beef using dry heat, moist heat, and combination cooking methods. To provide the knowledge and skills required to prepare veal, pork, lamb, and mutton.

    Students will lean how to prepare mother sauces, non-derivative and compound butter sauces, reduce major stocks and prepare basic gravies.

    Students will have the skills required to prepare poultry and game birds for cooking using dry heat, moist heat and combination methods of cookery.

    Students will learn cooking methods, cooking terminology, and techniques, including how to use seasonings, spirits and other flavourings to enhance foods and the palate,

    Students will learn to identify, select, cut and prepare fish and seafood using a variety of cooking methods.

    Students will learn to select, clean, prepare, and cook all types of fruits, vegetables, rice, grains, pasta, and dumplings. They will utilize appropriate trimmings and peelings to prepare a variety of dishes.

    Garde-Manger is the heart of the artistic part of food production relating to the cold kitchen. The student will be introduced to the skills to perform basic recipes and procedures in the Garde Manger.

    This course will enable the development of skills specific to the preparation of breakfast foods at both the beginner and advanced level. Student will gain experience preparing a variety of foods traditionally served at breakfast time.

    Students acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to describe, select, store, and prepare various types of pasta and dumpling dishes, and different types of rice, grains, potatoes, and dumplings. These products may be used to prepare stuffings, dressings, farces and duxelles for a variety of menu requirements.

    Students acquire the knowledge and skills required to receive and store food according to acceptable storage methods. They will become familiar with the kitchen procedures appropriate to facilitating American and cafeteria style service.

    This is an elective capstone course designed to review all food preparation theory covered by the New Brunswick Apprenticeship Occupation and Certification(NBAOC) examination. All components in Block I Cook are reviewed in preparation for the HTO: Culinary Arts students to challenge the NBAOC exam should they wish to do so.

    This online course provides alcohol service and safety training related to the hospitality industry. The focus of this external certification is on serving alcoholic beverages responsibly and within the confines of the Liquor License Act of New Brunswick. Successful completion allows learners to serve alcohol anywhere in New Brunswick. 

    Students are provided with an introduction to the role of sanitation, food safety, stewarding techniques and personal hygiene in the context of professional food preparation.

    The purpose of this course is to refresh skills in mathematics developed through secondary programs in areas deemed essential for the successful completion of the program. Although the topics covered in this course are common to any math program, every effort is made to illustrate their usage in the trades’ professions.

    This course provides an introduction to the meaning of community service.  Students learn how community service can enhance a student’s educational experience, personal growth, employability, and civic responsibility. Students participate in one day of volunteering to enhance their understanding of civic responsibility and to help the New Brunswick Community College realize its vision of transforming lives and communities. 

    In this course, students focus on applying communication skills in reading, writing, speaking, document use, and critical thinking to make occupation-specific communication effective and efficient while developing computer-related skills necessary to be successful in college and on the job.

    In this course, students focus on acquiring job search skills to gain a work-term placement as well as employment while also, developing interpersonal communication skills needed to grow their career.

    A safe and healthy workplace is the responsibility of the employer and the employee. This course introduces students to the importance of working safely and addresses how employers and employees can control the hazards and risks associated with the workplace. Students will also learn about the roles and responsibilities of key stakeholders including WorkSafeNB, the employer and the employee in ensuring workplaces are safe.

    NFSTP is a comprehensive review of food safety issues and safe food handling practices, including:
    • Food Safety Hazards (Parts I and II)
    • Facilities and Equipment Design
    • Control of Hazards Following the Flow of Food
    • Sanitation and Pest Control
    • Employee and Visitor Issues

    NOC Codes

    6322 - Cooks
    6332 - Bakers
    6711 - Food counter attendants, kitchen helpers and related support occupations

    External Certifications

    Cook graduates may have an opportunity to acquire the following external certifications upon meeting the external agencies certification requirements and paying any required fees to the external agency:

    Institution: Ontario Smart Serve
    External Certification: Responsible Alcohol Beverage Service Training Program
    Information: This program is designed to promote responsible alcohol beverage service.

    Disclaimer: This web copy provides guidance to prospective students, applicants, current students, faculty and staff. Although advice is readily available on request, the responsibility for program selection ultimately rests with the student. Programs, admission requirements and other related information is subject to change.

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