Water/Wastewater Operator Training

Note: This program is recognized and endorsed by the NB Department of Environment, NS Department of Environment and the PEI Department of Environment.

This six month online Water/Wastewater Operator Training program meets three primary goals:

  • Provides a solid knowledge base for the operation and maintenance of water and wastewater systems.
  • Prepares operators to write Provincial Certification Exams (levels 1, 2, and 3 with a minimum one year on the job training and approved application form Apprenticeship and Occupational Certification). Provides a solid foundation for operators to receive training in advanced topics.
  • With online training, students are provided with the opportunity to take these courses while on the job.


  • Tuition for the full program is $2100.00 (this includes one of four disciplines).
  • Please refer to our Brochure for more detailed pricing, program structure and overview.


This program consists of a group of core courses plus one focus course plus one discipline course.

(SCIE1019) General Sciences for Water and Wastewater Operators
Basic math, electrical, chemistry, unit conversion, microbiology, hydraulics, and perimeter area volume. - 21 hrs, 2.1 CEUs.
(SECU1091) Occupational Health and Safety
General safety, TDG, confined space, trenching, WHIS, and lockout / tagout - 21 hrs, 2.1 CEUs
(IPTI1044) Water and Wastewater Mechanical Systems
Pumps, valves, motors, drive systems, compressors and generators, control components, and electrical operations. - 21 hrs, 2.1 CEUs.
(BMGE1114) Planning and Reporting for Water and Wastewater
Drawings, financial, organization & records, security & response, training & certification, public relations. 14 hrs, 1.4 CEUs.
(ENVI1061) Water Quality Control
Sources & characteristics, quality control & assurance. 7 hrs, 0.7 CEUs.
(ENVI1059) Wastewater Quality Control
Sources & characteristics, quality control & assurance . 7 hrs, 1.4 CEUs.
(SANI1029) Water Distribution Processes
Overview, piping systems & installation, valve fitting & hydrants, water storage, pump houses, piping operations & maintenance, disinfection. - 28 hrs, 2.8 CEUs.
(ENVI1060) Water Treatment Processes
Overview, sources, raw water pump houses & pipelines, coagulation & flocculation, sedimentation, filtration, corrosion & scaling, laboratory control & disinfection. - 35 hrs, 3.5 CEUs.
(ENVI1058) Wastewater Collection Processes
Overview, repair & rehabilitation, operations & maintenance, gravity sewers, force mains, lift stations, treatment process & disinfection. - 28 hrs, 2.8 CEUs.
(SANI1028) Wastewater Treatment Processes
Laboratory contol, secondary treatment, activated sludge, fixed film systems, stabilization basins, sludge management, tertiary treatment & disinfection. - 35 hrs, 3.5 CEUs.

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