New Brunswick CEN Re-Entry/IEN Bridging (NB CRIB) Program

NBCC is committed to the successful delivery of the NB CRIB Program for internationally educated nurses (IENs) and Canadian educated nurses (CENs) seeking re-entry into the profession.

The NB CRIB Program is offered in English. The program is approximately 13-months in length and is facilitated through online learning, classroom sessions, lab practice and clinical practicums. Some courses are delivered entirely online, while others have a blended approach (e.g., online and face-to-face classroom sessions).


The NB CEN Re-Entry/IEN Bridging (NB CRIB) Program is offered to:

  • Internationally educated nurses (IENs) who wish to practice in Canada
  • Canadian-educated nurses (CENs) who:
    • has received a referral by NANB
    • wish to re-enter nursing practice or
    • have difficulty passing the national exam or
    • current RNs requiring remediation.

Courses and Fees

The program consists of the following courses (Prices are subject to change):

Course NameFees
Professional Nursing in Canada (A)$595
Professional Communication (B)$595
Health Assessment (C)$895
Changes in Health and Therapeutic Interventions I (D)$595
Medication Administration (E)$595 + $150 (lab fee)
Pharmacology (F)$595
Clinical Nursing Skills (G)$895
Changes in Health and Therapeutic Interventions II (H)$695
Clinical Course: Medical-Surgical$800 (Instructor led)
$1000 (Preceptor led)
Specialty Courses: ONE of your choice
Child Health Theory$350
Maternal Infant Health Theory$350
Psychiatric-Mental Health Theory$350
Specialty Courses - Clinical$500

How to Apply

If you are interested in the NB CEN Re-Entry/IEN Bridging (NB CRIB) Program, please contact the Nurses Association of New Brunswick by calling 1‑506‑458‑8731 or visit their website.

Note: The NB CEN Re-Entry/IEN Bridging Program is based on the RN Bridging Re-Entry Program developed by the Registered Nurses Professional Development Centre, at the Nova Scotia Health Authority. This program introduces Internationally Educated Nurses (IENs), and Canadian Educated Nurses to nursing practice in Canada and helps them gain the knowledge and skills expected of registered nurses in Canada.

The process for an internationally educated nurse (IEN) to become licensed to practice as a licensed practical nurse (LPN) or a registered nurse (RN) in New Brunswick can take between 12 and 24 months. New Brunswick’s IEN Navigation service provides customized, client-centred service to IENs at no cost to the candidate. The service assists candidates with key barriers they might experience during the process to licensure, offering guidance surrounding: 

  • The National Nursing Assessment Service (NNAS);
  • Provincial entry-to-practice competency assessments;
  • Bridging programs available in the province; and
  • Provincial regulatory bodies. 

Internationally educated nurses can contact the IEN Navigation service at  Internationally Educated Nurses (

For more information, email