Clinical/Practicum Placement Requirements

To assist students in completing the requirements for their program’s clinical/practicum placements, NBCC has partnered with Synergy Gateway, a leading provider of healthcare and compliance solutions for universities and colleges across Canada. This platform allows students to upload the necessary documentation to be validated, then stored, as confirmation that they have met the clearance requirements for their program. Synergy Gateway ensures that all documents submitted by students are kept confidential. The fees for this process are as follows:

Student FeesAmount
Initial Clearance Appointment$49.50 +HST
Missed Appointment$49.50 +HST
Follow-up Appointment$22.60 +HST
Late Cancelation/Re-schedule$22.60 +HST

The initial cost for this process has been included in the Material Cost of this program. Students can avoid additional fees by having all required documentation prepared at their first appointment.

All required documents must be provided for clearance to participate in clinical/practicum placements. These documents must be uploaded to Synergy Gateway and validated by SYNERGY prior to the start of your clinical/practicum. Please consult with your program’s coordinating instructor for requirement deadlines.