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July 21, 2023

NB Roofing Contractors Association, Master Roofers Guarantee back Going Beyond campaign

L to R: Tom Meadus, Director of Advancement at NBCC; Jamie Slipp, General Manager, NBRCA; Rita Burgess, Operations Manager, NBRCA; Christina Nicholl, Development Officer at NBCC; and Ron Hutton, General Manager (retired), NBRCA

With a goal of increasing the number of skilled workers in the roofing trade, New Brunswick Roofing Contractors Association (NBRCA) and Master Roofers Guarantee New Brunswick (MRGNB) have donated $50,000 to the College’s Going Beyond campaign.  

Through their donation, which includes support of NBCC’s new Mobile Training Centre, the organizations hope to promote skilled trades training, boost awareness of Red Seal qualifications in roofing, and heighten understanding of the trade.   

“The Roofing Contractors Association is proud to support NBCC’s Going Beyond campaign,” said Jamie Slipp, General Manager, NBRCA and MRGNB. “We see the great potential of the initiatives and more specifically, the opportunity the Mobile Training Centre can provide the various industries, including construction. We look forward to working with NBCC in continuing to provide more awareness of the roofing industry.”   

NBRCA membership is comprised of contractors, manufacturers, and observation firms/consultants. MRGNB is a roof warranty guarantee company that operates separately from NBRCA but is comprised of a group of the NBRCA contractors that have taken a special interest in furthering the roofing industry.  

New Brunswick is facing a critical need for skilled workers, as nearly a quarter of the province’s workforce is between 55 and 69 years of age. Nearly one third of the workforce is set to retire by 2027, creating significant job vacancies. The Going Beyond campaign seeks to transform New Brunswick’s workforce by creating the conditions for more individuals to obtain the skills needed to fuel the province’s growth, said Mary Butler, President and CEO of NBCC. 

“Thanks to partnerships with industry, we can strengthen training opportunities for learners and grow the labour force, contributing to economic wellbeing across our province, and beyond,” said Butler. “Partners like the New Brunswick Roofing Contractors Association and Master Roofers Guarantee have a deep understanding of their industry’s needs, and their support is key to training more workers for this sector.” 

NB Roofing Contractors Association Inc. and Master Roofers Guarantee join a host of organizations and individuals who are supporting NBCC’s $16-million campaign to: 

  • accelerate skills development by creating fast, flexible training opportunities such as microcredentials and shorter pathways to certification;   

  • innovate educational delivery by creating modern, connected spaces, and introducing new technology such as accessible HyFlex classrooms, surface hubs, and simulation labs; and 

  • reach unprecedented numbers of New Brunswickers by reducing financial barriers to post-secondary education through targeted bursaries for under-represented groups such as Indigenous students and women in trades. 

 About NBCC: As one of New Brunswick’s largest postsecondary education institutions, NBCC drives social and economic wellbeing across the province. NBCC welcomes 11,000 learners each year through quality-assured, relevant training opportunities. Supported by the Going Beyond campaign, NBCC is committed to accelerating skills development, innovating educational delivery, and reaching unprecedented numbers of New Brunswickers. Find out more at:

About NBRCA: The NBRCA is dedicated to maintaining and promoting exceptional roofing practices, the safe delivery of quality roofing systems, and the protection of the public’s interest related to low slope roofing applications. Its members are professional roofing contractors, manufacturers, suppliers, consultants, and quality assurance observers. Founded in 1969, NBRCA contractor members, supported by associate, consultant, and observer members, and by well-trained and highly skilled employees, have installed more than four out of five roofs in the commercial, industrial and institutional sectors. The NBRCA is affiliated with the Canadian Roofing Contractors’ Association (CRCA) and the National Roofing Contractors Association (NRCA) in the U.S. The association is an advocacy group on roofing issues on behalf of its members, the industry and the general public. The NBRCA participates on advisory committees for many construction industry and government agencies. 

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