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October 04, 2021

NBCC signs MOU with manufacturing consortium

NBCC signs MOU with manufacturing consortium

New Brunswick Community College (NBCC) and the Excellence in Manufacturing Consortium have signed a Memorandum of Understanding that will explore joint training and certification initiatives to open new opportunities for NBCC learners and alumni, while helping meet the skills and labour market needs of the manufacturing sector.

The MOU specifically references delivery of existing and new course offerings relating to the manufacturing sector, the establishment of a defined referral process between NBCC and EMC, and work-integrated learning opportunities for NBCC students.

“In an ever-changing economy, strategic partnerships with industry are important to ensuring NBCC provides training that is relevant to the needs of employees and employers,” said Ann Drennan, NBCC’s Vice President Academic and Research.  “The broad nature of this MOU presents lots of opportunities for us to work with the manufacturing sector, which represents a number of different industries.”

"As an industry-led manufacturing consortium, EMC is dedicated to aligning skills development solutions to industry, on an on-going and evolving basis,” said J.P. Giroux, President of EMC. “The partnership with NBCC is timely and more relevant than ever for the benefit of the New Brunswick manufacturing community."

About EMC:

For 25 years, EMC has been responsible for contributing significant knowledge, expertise and resources towards the success of over 13,000 consortium and online member manufacturers, representing every province across Canada.  It is because of these relationships that EMC is able to understand the challenges and opportunities across the sector, ensuring that relevant resources, through partnerships, are made available.  As an industry-led manufacturing consortium, EMC is focused on building valuable networking relationships with manufacturers across the Country. EMC is here for all Canadian manufacturers, and is committed to aligning to the needs of industry provincially.

About NBCC:

With six campuses across New Brunswick, NBCC contributes to New Brunswick’s social and economic prosperity by supporting the aspirations of individual learners, seizing the opportunities of the labour market, and collaboratively solving the challenges of communities and industry.  In addition to more than 90 certificate and diploma programs, NBCC also provides specialized and customized training to meet the needs of specific sectors and communities.  Find out more information on NBCC programs by visiting:


Tanya Greer, Lead, Strategic Communications