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May 19, 2016

NBCC and NB Lung Association on the road to promoting electric vehicle use in New Brunswick

MONCTON – Drive Electric NB, New Brunswick’s electric vehicle education and awareness campaign led by the New Brunswick Lung Association and supported by the Environmental Trust Fund and in cooperation with the Electric Vehicle Multi-stakeholder Advisory Group, whose members include: Department of Environment and Local Government, NB Power and Siemens, was launched today in Moncton at the New Brunswick Community College (NBCC) Moncton Campus. 

Drive Electric NB's goal is to improve the electric vehicle (EV) experience and to significantly increase electric vehicle adoption in New Brunswick through public education, improving charging infrastructure, improving access to EVs and eventually, developing incentives. 

A key part of public education is improving awareness and understanding of EV technologies in the province. In partnership with New Brunswick Community College (NBCC), the launch event featured NBCC’s new EV which will be used as a training tool for certain academic programs. In addition the EV will also be accessible for industry training needs through contract training programs that are delivered by NBCC. 

“One of our values at NBCC is to embrace innovation and EV technology is a great opportunity to showcase innovation and leadership as we adopt this technology across the regions we serve,” said Marilyn Luscombe, President and CEO of NBCC. “We appreciate the support of Post-Secondary Education, Training and Labour as we strive to lead the way in terms of creativity and innovative approaches.” The Government of New Brunswick contributed $124,800 towards this project. 

“Through this initiative, government is providing customized training funding for NBCC students to address projected economic development and labour shortages throughout the province, “stated Post-Secondary Education, Training and Labour Minister Francine Landry. “While raising awareness and training on EV technology in the province, we are growing a low-carbon economy and creating innovative jobs for New Brunswickers.”  

NB Power has 14 electric vehicles in its fleet and brought one to the event today. “The way we generate and deliver electricity to our customers is changing, and we see electric vehicles as playing an important role in that shift, while providing substantial economic and environmental benefits for New Brunswickers,” said President and CEO, Gaëtan Thomas. 

Traditional vehicles using internal combustion engines typically emit approximately 2.4 kg of greenhouse gas (GHGs) into the atmosphere per litre of gasoline consumed. According to Natural Resources Canada, the average driver drives 20,000 km over the course of a year. In that time, an average mid-size gas-powered passenger vehicle would emit approximately 3,700 kg of CO2 into the air. Since EVs are not powered by gasoline, the only GHG emissions related to their use come from the generation of electricity from power plants. In New Brunswick, approximately 62% of the electricity generated comes from renewable resources, such as wind and hydro, and non GHG emitting nuclear energy. 

“Driving an electric vehicle can reduce GHG emissions and air pollutants by approximately 66% per year,” said Barbara MacKinnon, President and CEO of the New Brunswick Lung Association, “The technology that powers electric vehicles can keep track of power usage, range and other operational systems better than a traditional vehicle. Showing the driver that information provides a safe, smooth and fun driving experience.” 

In the coming months, Drive Electric NB and NBCC will work to educate people about the improved battery capacity and range of EVs on the market today, the accessibility and availability of EVs and charging stations around the province and the potential of EVs to improve air quality and fight climate change in New Brunswick. 

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