Value Added Food Product Development

When Krysta Hanley’s family saw people leaving their small lobster fishing community because there was no work, they bought a run-down, empty clam plant in hopes of creating jobs and hope for their community.

From this dream, Longshore Fisheries was born. Today, the company employs most of the residents in Sonora, Nova Scotia and is one of over 400 seafood processing companies in the Maritimes.

“The lobster industry is very competitive,” said Hanley. “In order to compete, we realized very quickly we need to have something that nobody else has.”

With a vision for growth, the small, family-owned business realized it needed some help.

The challenge

With six campuses and the expertise of NBCC faculty and students in over 90 programs, ARI is poised to help businesses face challenges head-on, says Joni Leger, Research Officer with NBCC ARI.

“A lot of people equate research with lengthy reports or a laboratory with test tubes and syringes,” said Leger. “But at NBCC, we focus on applied research – how we can use our learners, experts and resources to solve real-life problems.”

It starts with the product

Culinary Arts StudentThrough an applied research and learning assignment in their Advanced Food Production course, Culinary Arts students were able to investigate and test value-added ingredients to create products specifically for Longshore Fisheries.

In January, the students invited Hanley into their production kitchen at NBCC St. Andrews.

With no limits except their imagination and the guidance of their instructors, the students showed Hanley the culinary possibilities of her company’s products.

Building upon the ideas developed by the culinary program, the Business Administration: Marketing program students at NBCC Saint John were brought on-board a few weeks later.

After conducting market and client research, the students developed marketing campaigns that would set Longshore Fisheries apart from the competition and increase their market share.

In April, the students saw what life is like for a marketing professional when they pitched their campaigns to Hanley for her consideration.

Next steps

Krysta HanleyHanley is looking forward to what’s in store for Longshore Fisheries.

The company is focused on expansion and this means more employment opportunities for the community.

“As we grow, we’ll be employing more and more people and that, in turn, affects the economy in the area,” she said.

Since engaging with ARI, the company has received help, inspiration and direction that will help drive their growth in a competitive industry.

“It’s all a help when you’re starting out, we’re a small business in a competitive industry and we’re just trying to set ourselves apart,” said Hanley.

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