Getting Creative with McCain

NBCC Culinary Arts instructors
St. Andrews campus

NBCC Culinary Arts instructors at the St. Andrews campus led a team of 14 students on a culinary research journey. Together they spent six weeks creating and testing ideas using an assortment of McCain Canadian retail products to create 22 new recipes.

NBCC hosted a culinary tasting event to reveal the student’s research and recipes to designated guests, McCain partners, faculty and NBCC representatives. The students each presented their dishes with many explaining what inspired them to create their dishes and how they were prepared. Students provided all guests with a recipe booklet allowing them to create the same taste experience at home in their own kitchen.

This collaboration allowed McCain to introduce a range of top Canadian retail products to NBCC culinary students, encouraging them to put their classroom learnings into action and push themselves to think outside of the box, by using the products and turning them into delicious, visually-pleasing and unique dishes that can easily be made at home in a short amount of time.

The partnership between NBCC and McCain Foods has presented the students with an opportunity to apply their innovative problem-solving and critical thinking skills, along with their ability to be fun, engaging and creative.