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Applied Research and Innovation Office

Simon Potter
Simon Potter, B.Sc.(hons), Ph.D.
Director of Applied Research & Innovation
Scott Henwood
Scott Henwood, MA
Head, Applied Research and Innovation
Mark MacDonald
Mark MacDonald, MSc
Applied Research Development Officer

Leanne Carroll
Leanne Carroll, PhD
Applied Research Development Officer
Gail McLaughlin Aubé
Gail McLaughlin Aubé
B. Comm.

Applied Research Development Officer
Mary Beth Kierstead-Keegan
Mary Beth Kierstead-Keegan
Research Administrative Officer

Bernice Chan
Bernice Chan
Administrative Assistant - Research, Innovation and Experiential Education


William McIver
William McIver, Jr., PhD
NSERC Industrial Research Chair, Mobile & Ubiquitous Computing
Eloho Ifinedo
Eloho Ifinedo, PhD
Research Associate, Educational Technologies
Joni Leger
Joni Leger, MAHSR
Research Associate, Social Innovation

Sandy Liu
Sandy Liu, MSc
Research Program Manager, Mobile & Ubiquitous Computing
Eltaher El-Shanta
Eltaher El-Shanta, PhD
Postdoctoral Fellow, Centre for Mobile and Ubiquitous Computing
Ahmed Shalaby
Ahmed Shalaby, PhD
NBIF Research Fellow, Centre for Mobile and Ubiquitous Computing

Chien Nguyen
Chien Nguyen
Research Technician and Project Coordinator, Centre for Mobile and Ubiquitous Computing
Samridhi Pargal
Samridhi Pargal
Kyle Brymer
Kyle Brymer, PhD
Research Associate, Health

Mullai Manoharan
Mullai Manoharan, MSc
Research Associate, Agri-food