Centre for Applied Research in Mobile and Ubiquitous Computing

The NBCC Centre for Applied Research in Mobile and Ubiquitous Computing (NBCC-MU) performs applied research and experimental development in mobile systems and ubiquitous computing, Internet of Things, user experience, artificial intelligence, machine learning, mixed and augmented reality, bilingualism software services, proof of concept testing, prototyping, and commercialization. The team also studies social impacts of technology, assistive technologies, sustainability design, and 5G.

NBCC-MU is located on the Fredericton campus and has specialized tools, cloud computing, and a UX lab to support mobile systems design and development and usability analysis. The Centre is directed by Dr. William McIver, Jr and employs six full-time staff researchers.

NBCC-MU complements New Brunswick’s later-stage innovation programs by focusing on the scientific and technical aspects of product and service development. It has made fundamental contributions to the needs of New Brunswick-based companies since its inception in 2013. The team’s domains of expertise are computer science, software engineering, electrical engineering, and human-centred design, but they often solve problems outside of their domains of expertise, with solutions for everything from city parking to apple growing. They are continuously engaged in the study of their partners’ application areas and industries to identify current needs and new technologies that can offer them competitive advantages.


Missing Link Technologies
First Mobile Education
Kognitiv Spark
Brilliant Labs

Funders and Stakeholders

  • Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada (NSERC)
  • New Brunswick Innovation Foundation
  • Springboard Atlantic
  • City of Fredericton
  • ACOA
  • Ignite Fredericton
  • University of New Brunswick
  • Government of New Brunswick