How to Nominate

Awards are open for nomination year-round with recipients being selected every spring. 

The nomination for the Annual NBCC Alumni Recognition Awards are accepted anytime with the deadline for consideration for the current year being March 31.

Anyone can nominate a candidate for an NBCC Alumni Recognition Award including the friends, colleagues and family members of nominees. Awards are open to all graduates of NBCC and anyone who completed apprenticeship programs at NBCC.  The exceptions are serving politicians, current NBCC employees, and those serving on the Board of Governors of NBCC. Self-nominations are not accepted.

In addition to filling out and submitting the nomination form, please provide supporting statements that could include:

  • Reasons for nominating the candidate;
  • Descriptions of the candidate’s accomplishments, successes and contributions; and
  • Other information including letters of support, as to why a nominee could be considered an inspiration to other alumni and students.

All nominations will be kept confidential. Only the names of the recipients will be publicized.

Additional Information

Selection Committee

A selection committee will be comprised of representatives including:

  • The Chair of the NBCC Alumni Ambassadors (who will also act as committee chair).
  • Two alumni members recruited through the Office of Advancement.
  • The NBCC Alumni Coordinator.
  • One staff member of NBCC.
  • The Vice-President of Engagement and Experience.

The President and CEO of NBCC will give final approval of the recipients.

Administrative support services will be provided by staff from the College Advancement team.

Selection Process

  1. A small team within the college will conduct an initial review of all nominations received on or before the stated deadline to determine a short list of finalists for the awards.
  2. Finalists will be researched by the NBCC Alumni Office and then forwarded to the selection committee to review, rank and recommend the recipients.
  3. Each committee member will rank each finalist on a criteria ranking form.
  4. The finalists recommended for awards will be determined by the highest aggregate scores.
  5. Results will be submitted in strictest confidence to NBCC Alumni Office for tabulation.
  6. All nominations will remain confidential, other than the announcement of award recipients.
  7. The President of NBCC will be presented with the list of potential recipients for final approval.

Awards and Presentation

  • Four awards will be presented annually.
  • The President and CEO of NBCC reserves the right to revoke any award, should future circumstances arise pertaining to the award recipient that may reflect unfavorably on the reputation and image of NBCC.
  • Recipients will be presented with an award at an appropriate event.