Application Program Change Request

Note: This form is to make a change to a previously submitted application. All program changes to your current application will initiate a new date and time stamp for all applicants which enables NBCC to prioritize seats; therefore, be certain of your program choice(s) and/or changes requested prior to submission.

Once you have submitted the Application Program Change Request, please be aware that your current choice will be automatically withdrawn and replaced with the program you’re requesting the change for. You will receive an acknowledgement email for your new program choice once it has been updated in our system accordingly.

Submit one form for each program change requested for 1st or 2nd choice options

International students ONLY: Prior to submitting this form, be sure to validate program seat availability.

If you have questions regarding how to complete this form, please email

Applicant Information

Current Program (previously applied for) requesting to change

New Program Change Requested

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