Student Governance

Local Campus Unions (LCU)

Our Student Leaders! Who better to know what’s important to students than students themselves? Each Local Campus Union operates independently of NBCC and provides leadership organizing and supporting extra-curricular activities for students. While representing the students’ voice on campus-related issues, and ensuring an active quality of student life on campus, the LCU is a great way to meet new people! Get involved and connect with our NBCC Student Union (NBCCSU) on campus and/or provincially at intercollegiate events. The LCU involves students in activities on campus, in your community, and within the six NBCC campus locations throughout each region. As a bonus, most employers like to see this involvement on your resume!

Each LCU consists of a President, Executive (Vice President, Secretary, and Treasurer) as well as Student Representatives from all program areas. Throughout the year, the LCU works closely with Student Life Officers (employees of the LCU) to help organize some of the following:

  • Student events related to Orientation & Graduation
  • Seasonal events like winter carnival/spring fling
  • Fundraisers & Community Support/Awareness events
  • Sports & Social events; Karaoke/Videogame/Movie nights etc.

To find out more about your Local Campus Union, contact a Student Life Officer (SLO) at your campus today!

NBCC Student Union (NBCCSU)

This provincially formed group consists of representatives from each NBCC Local Campus Union Executive. The NBCCSU consists of each campus LCU President and Vice-President. They meet as a collective province wide group to approach student governance issues ensuring consistency of Student Union services at all six campus regions and a collective student voice.