Early Childhood Education

Educational Support (EA Pathway)

 Delivery: Part-Time Online |  Credential: Educational Support diploma
Note: Graduates of the NBCC Educational Assistant (EA) certificate program can complete the Educational Support (ES) diploma program part-time online.

All courses are available online through Professional and Part-time Learning (PPL). Take individual courses for professional development or all courses to complete the program and graduate with an NBCC diploma.

Admission Requirements

Certificate in the NBCC Educational Assistant (EA) program. (All registrants are required to show proof of an approved certificate in the first 25% of their first course.)

Course Schedule (Suggested Learning Path)

Continuing education is offered on a part-time basis. Students may complete the online courses to graduate with an Educational Support Diploma, in one academic year by following the recommended learning path below.

Online courses follow a schedule and all work must be completed in the allotted timeframes.

Important: Please register at least five (5) business days before the scheduled start. Spaces may be limited.
Fall Term (Sept - Dec 2023)
CSSC1119C - Group Process and PracticeRegistration to open May 2023
EDUE1164A - Classroom Observation and DocumentationRegistration to open May 2023
EDUE1165A - Creating an Inclusive ClassroomRegistration to open May 2023
Winter Term (Jan - Apr 2024)
EDUE1177A - Equity in EducationRegistration to open November 2023
EDUE1173B - Supporting Curriculum and InstructionRegistration to open November 2023
EDUE1174B - Supporting Autism Spectrum DisorderRegistration to open November 2023
CSSC1125C - Dimensions of WellnessRegistration to open November 2023
Spring Term (Apr - Jun 2024)
EDUE1175A - Transition Planning for Youth with ExceptionalitiesRegistration to open February 2024
EDUE1176A - Adaptive and Assistive TechnologiesRegistration to open February 2024


Financial Assistance

Courses towards completion of this program online through continuing education may be eligible for part-time student loans.

For more information and to apply, please review the PART-TIME STUDENT LOAN AND GRANT APPLICATION (pdf) form (see “Instructions to the Applicant” on page 5 for steps to follow).

Note: Program requirements may be subject to change