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June 16, 2022

NBCC graduates buck outmigration trend to put skills to work close to home

A new study by the New Brunswick Institute of Research, Data and Training presents strong evidence that NBCC graduates are using their skills and training to drive social and economic wellbeing in their home communities.

With the College’s annual Graduate Follow-Up Survey indicating that 92% of NBCC’s Class of 2020 was working in New Brunswick on year after graduation, this new report looks at where in New Brunswick they choose to settle and work. The findings show that more than 90% are bringing their newfound skills and training to their communities of origin, bucking the trend of outmigration from rural areas and smaller towns to larger centres.

“Not only are our graduates living and working in New Brunswick, the majority are living and working in their home communities,” said Mary Butler, President and CEO of NBCC. “With youth retention and rural out-migration presenting significant challenges for rural and small-town areas, NBCC graduates are providing hope for the long-term sustainability and growth of all communities.”

With six campus locations across the province, community-based deliveries, and training partnerships with industry, NBCC is uniquely positioned to support skills development in communities of all sizes across New Brunswick.

“This study demonstrates the benefit of meeting New Brunswickers where they are,” said Butler. “NBCC graduates bring new skillsets to their communities, help diversify regional economies, and create new opportunities. An investment in NBCC students is an investment in stronger communities – urban, rural, and everything in between – across the province.”

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Tanya Greer, Lead, Strategic Communications, NBCC