News Releases

July 09, 2020

ADVISORY: Internal review related to racist social media post

On July 3, 2020, NBCC initiated an internal review related to a racist social media post from a person who identified themselves as a student of NBCC. NBCC completed a review process as outlined in the college’s Student Assessment Policy 1115. The assessment determined that the situation constituted a major misconduct under the Student Code of Conduct (Policy 1112). The seriousness of this breach has been reflected in the decisions taken in alignment with the provisions of Policy 1115.

NBCC is also taking this opportunity to examine how the college can enhance learning opportunities related to diversity and inclusion. Many NBCC programs currently include such learning opportunities, and the college is committed to deepening that learning for all members of the college community.

NBCC is also confident that all students will uphold the NBCC Student Code of Conduct, including refraining from retaliatory comments in their social media interactions.